Swathy Sooriyakumar

Campus launching new faculty association

Laurier Brantford starts off the school year by bringing two new faculties to campus – the Liberal Arts Association and Human and Social Sciences Association, which house many available majors. The only faculty associations that existed on the Brantford campus […]

Bill C-23, an election act deemed to be fair

Conservative Bill C-23 may ultimately affect only students, the elderly and Aboriginals. Introduced by the Minister of Justice, the initial reason for Bill C-23 was to strengthen election rules. Bill C-23, first presented by the Conservative party in 2006, prohibits […]

20-year old woman not assaulted

Last Friday, news spread of a young woman sexually assaulted early in the day before dawn. The Brantford Police Service has now confirmed an assault did not take place. The Major Crime Unit underwent an intensive investigation to conclude there […]

Students SAD during winter season

Many students find themselves buried in stress as exams and the threat of paying off sky-high holiday bills become ever-closer. This could just be stress, or, to some who may not know, this may be the beginning of seasonal depression. […]