Valentine’s Day: out of control spending

Valentine's Day strawberry. Rebecca Duce.
Valentine’s Day strawberry. Rebecca Duce.

Valentine’s Day is commonly known as the day when people express their love for one another by sending cards and exchanging gifts, mostly chocolates, roses and even dinners by candlelight.

When dining out, Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year. The most expensive dinner service one can purchase to share with their loved one is valued at $100,000.00.

A British luxury retail site called partnered up with to present the most romantic and expensive Valentine’s dinner ever.

This dinner not only includes an eight-course meal with a gold and silver leaf infused with specific dishes, but is also topped off with exceptional wine, petals, candles and doves along performances from a harpist and a poet.

The cost includes everything, including the service of a Michelin-starred chef. “Each dish has been created with romance in mind and to allow the spectacular ingredients to work their magic, in both creating delicious food and perfect mood for romance,” said Adam Simmonds on the menu he prepared.

The wine is even carefully selected by Corney & Barrow, one of the longest established independent wine merchants in the UK.

Aside the insanely expensive meals we could only dream of and only one per cent of the world can actually afford, here are some facts on Valentine’s Day:

–          There are about 7,861,860 couples [in private households] in Canada.

–          About 488 million litres of wine is consumed around Valentine’s Day across Canada, costing roughly $6.5 billion.

–          About 21.9 million litres of sparkling wine is consumed across the nation which is about $366.9 million.

–          Around $1.5 billion is spent on chocolate throughout Canada yearly.

–          Globally, the estimated average amount a person will spend is $130.

–          Around 224 million roses are grown for Valentine’s Day.

–          Around $2 billion is spent on flowers.

–          Around $2 billion is spent on candy.

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