Laurier Brantford introduces OneCard meal plan

Beginning this year, Laurier Brantford has began a Brantford Convenience Plan that allows students to use money on their OneCards to purchase food on campus.

“Every student in residence puts $400 on their OneCard per semester,” explained Adam Lawrence, Dean of Students. Golden Hawks have the full four years to use up the amount placed on the card – perfect for emergencies. This newly improved OneCard provides the convenience needed for busy student lives and easy access for family and friends to gift funds.

Laurier Brantford’s OneCard can currently be used at these locations in Brantford;:

– Brant Food Center located at 94 Grey St.

– FreshCo located at 50 Market St.

– Golden Grounds Coffee located in RCW

– Subway located at 50 Market St.

– Sunset Grill located at 50 Market St.

– Williams located at 1 Market Square, suite 229

– Bar Burrito located at 50 Market St.

– Boston Pizza located at 50 Market St.

– The Works located at 80 Dalhousie St.

– Topper’s Pizza located at 39 King George Rd

This convenience plan substitutes for a “meal plan” that Laurier Brantford has been lacking due to no dining hall for university students.

“There was a survey that the Students’ Union did, and it was clearly evident through this food services survey that students wanted more access to food,” said Lawrence. “They listed the top ten places they wanted to go to, and we did a survey with parents, and everyone was asking why there wasn’t a better link to grocery stores.”

Lawrence took action and went to the Food Services committee to look into options and any convenience plans implemented to provide a better experience for students.

“The students aren’t paying any overhead cost,” said Lawrence. “We really want students to be using their OneCard.”

Lawrence further mentioned how accessible this plan is and it is available for upper year students to add to their OneCards.

Your OneCard is not only a quick cash card but also valid identification and;

  •  The OneCard is your complete access card to the Laurier Buildings
  • The OneCard is your Meal Plan card, Library card, Athletics Card and Bus Pass (Note: Bus Pass is only for full-time students)
  • The OneCard is flexible and convenient – personalize your Meal Plan by putting as much money as you want into your account
  • The OneCard is safe – if your card is lost or stolen, your account balance is protected from the time you report your card missing
  • The OneCard helps you budget – keep track of how much you spend and on what

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