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All photos courtesy of Ryan Hueglin, except Nick DeSumma by Cody Hoffman and Melody Parton by Layla Bozich.


ChandlerJolliffe Chandler Jolliffe

My goal as President and CEO of the Laurier Student’s Union is to focus first and foremost on delivering high quality, accessible services and programing for students to enhance their Laurier experience. Focusing on financial accountability by prioritizing spending on student services and full transparency of ALL Union spending. Fostering a safe environment for students through the development of the wellness centre, creating ease of access to physical and mental health resources in addition to increased education and support for sexual assault. Improving collaboration with all partners including food services and faculty associations. I will have a presence across both campuses to ensure representation and cultivate growth. There is a desire for expanded study space which can be achieve with better classroom access and a 24h access library. My goal is to ensure that the Students’ Union provides an enhanced experience for the students.

SamLambertSam Lambert

My goal for the Students’ Union is to bring emphasis back to you. The purpose of this organization is to advocate and represent students and their needs, and although high-level administrative issues are important, they shouldn’t be the focus. The student experience needs to be top of mind, and that is exactly where I intend to keep it. My platform is centered on ideas and initiatives that every undergraduate student can gain something from, including improved study space, more resources to help manage financial distress and mental health issues, and an improved hiring process. I want you to engage with the Union, and to recognize what it can do for you throughout your career at Laurier. This school is what it is because of you, and you should always be the focus. If you want some more information, check out alwaysputtingyoufirst.com.

JustinTabakianJustin Tabakian

My Presidential Platform consists of two overarching branches that will enhance the opportunities, resources and leadership provided by your Students’ Union. By utilizing student feedback and opinion, I have created a strategy that will address important issues and promote positive change within the Laurier community.
1. Communication & Transparency
– Remodeled Students’ Union website
– Weekly On-Campus Availability
– Integrated Laurier App
2. Enhancing the Goldenhawk Experience
– Improved ITS Services Campus-wide
– Bike Share Initiative
– Terrace Patio and Green Space
Through my experiences at Laurier I feel like I would be the ideal candidate to represent the average student. I believe the Students’ Union should operate from a holistic student standpoint. A Students’ Union should emphasize strong value of the student experience. I recognize mental health, campus safety and fiscal responsibility as priorities for the Students’ Union to advocate for. My fresh perspective is ideal for leading the Students’ Union towards a successful future.



Alicia Appleby

I have decided to run for Senate because I have always been extremely passionate towards encouraging the student voice in academics. My involvement and experience within the University throughout my academic career make me a very viable candidate for the position. I look forward to bringing the student perspective to the table, as well as providing a Brantford voice within the Senate. I believe that I will do an excellent job of voicing student concerns to the discussions, as I have had many opportunities to gain skills throughout my time at Laurier. I look forward to representing all students at Senate.

FrankDomenicCirinnaFrank Cirinna

Since first year, I have taken on the charge of advocating for students and ensuring everything I can do in order to help them succeed. In my first two years as a Senator, I helped voice the student concerns on hot button issues such as Fall Reading Days and IPRM. I fought tooth and nail and was extremely vocal during the Fall Reading Days debate in Senate and on the Academic Planning Committee. I did everything in my power to ensure that the University never did anything that would compromise the importance and impact of O-Week, while still ensuring the success of Fall Reading Days so that students not only get the time off that they deserve, but get the O-Week that they deserve. I also was a member of Teaching Services TLT committee which worked towards the academic success of students. My work on Senate speaks for itself.

ChrisMockChris Mock

As student senator, I will strive to represent, advocate and act in a manner which is in the best interests of the Laurier Undergraduate Student Body. Having worked with University affairs and having been a student on the Brantford Campus as well as the Waterloo Campus, I can ensure that the students voice and interests are not lost in bureaucracy. I aim to encourage mutli-campus development, Academic integrity, and working to Develop a clear path for Laurier’s planning and development.

I am for 3 key principles:

–       Energy

–       Collaboration

–       Excellence

TrevorThompsonTrevor Thompson

My name is Trevor Thompson and I am a second year History and Political Science student.  If elected I will I will use my experience in advocating for students, gained representing students in the Faculty of Arts during my first year.  I will work to ensure there is more of an emphasis on Student Focused Teaching.  This will be done by advocating faculty evaluations that place more weight on teaching when determining promotion and tenure, ensuring that students are being provided with the best educational experience.  I will additionally work with the University to ensure that during exams, mandatory courses do not have their exams placed together but are spaced throughout the exam period.  This would allow students to have a more balanced exam schedule and improve their grades.  I would be a strong representative of all students if elected to the Senate and encourage you to vote February 5th.

TJEdmonsonTJ Edmonson

I am a second year Honors Economics and Accounting student who believes in accountability, transparency and approachability. It is with these three beliefs as the basis of my candidacy that I believe I can represent the student body effectively as a member of the WLU Senate. I am currently a member of the WLUSU Board of directors, work as an Innovation and Economic Policy Research Assistant, and am involved in many other ways with our campus clubs and community. I believe that I carry an array of skill sets and perspectives that will prove beneficial as a student representative. I believe that the academic standing of our university is one to be admired, and because of this I promise to work, and continue to build upon this legacy, to help Laurier be the best it can be.

SujaayJagannathanSujaay Jagannathan

Hello, my name is Sujaay Jagannathan. I am currently in second year studying Health Science, hoping to represent Laurier students on the Senate and as a Board of Director next year. In the past, I voiced students as a Grade 12 Representative at my High School, the Faculty of Science Divisional Council at Laurier. I feel we (students) should have a fair say on how the education system is run and drive improvements. I plan to reach out to students and work closely with Students’ Union and the Senate so that Brantford and Waterloo students have the option of taking courses from each other’s campuses, optimizing spaces for studying, improving LORIS, and review policies for optimal instructing by professors and lab coordinators. With a new campus underway in Milton, I plan to work closely with administrators to create an innovative education system. Vote Sujaay, you won’t regret it!

NikMookerjiNikhile Mookerji

My name is Nikhile Mookerji (Nik for short) and I am very excited to be running for the position of a Senate member in the upcoming election. I want to make it my goal as a Senate member to make channels of communication of the activities of the Senate more accessible to students. The Senate makes important decisions regarding student life such as the fall reading week this year came from the Senate level. I will make it my responsibility to coordinate the facilitation of a Senate specific twitter account that could help communicate important updates to students throughout campus. Not only will it be a way to spread information to the students but it can also be a method to receive student concerns regarding any aspect of University Life. The plan is easy and simple: Communication. That is my platform in running for Senate this upcoming student elections.


Board of Governors

FrankDomenicCirinnaFrank Cirinna

After last year receiving The Cord endorsement for Board of Governors and later losing the election by 0.4%, I am back once again to run for the University Board of Governors. Since first year, I have taken on the charge of advocating for students and ensuring everything I can do in order to help them succeed. Working for the last two years as a Senator, and executive and later co-ordinator for the University Affairs department of the Students’ Union has more than prepared me for taking on the role of Board of Governors. The true fact of the matter in regards to Board of Governors though is that the only way to be prepared and successful is to care. I think my persistence and love for this school has been made abundantly clear. Happy voting!

TJEdmonsonTJ Edmonson

I am a second year Honors Economics and Accounting Student who strongly believes that our close knit, positively spirited Student body is the most important and distinguishable characteristic of our university. It’s the reason we came here, the reason we stay here and the reason why we are golden hawks for life. It is my goal, if elected, to promote students needs and to encourage the University to provide us with many essential improvements. I currently sit on the WLUSU Board of Directors, work as an Innovation and Economic Policy Research Assistant, and am involved in many other ways with our campus and community. I believe that I have developed an array of skill sets and perspectives that will prove beneficial as a student representative. Electing me will provide you with a transparent, accountable and passionate leader that can help this school continue on our path to becoming Canada’s best /


Board of Directors

RochelleAdamiakRochelle Adamiak

My name is Rochelle Adamiak and I have always been highly involved with the school; an executive on both BACCHUS and University Affairs, a Student Publications co-ordinator and VP: Laurier Arts Scholars. As a result I understand Laurier is made up of diversified individuals, my goal is to represent these individuals on a personal basis, but also tackle problems affecting the whole student population. If elected, I am here to represent the entire student body, not merely my own opinions. I want to forge a stronger bond between the students and the Students Union by ensuring transparency in our actions; we are here to represent you.  Lastly, I’m passionate about education; it is the reason why we are all here attending university. This is why I will ensure the president works towards accomplishing the 1st end, ‘an affordable, accessible, high quality academic experience’.

ColinAitchisonColin Aitchinson

My name is Colin Aitchison and I am seeking re-election to your Students’ Union Board of Directors. After serving a term on the Board, I feel that I am well-suited to continue to represent the needs of students on both the Waterloo and Brantford Campuses. If re-elected, I will bring a level of experience back to the Board table. I will be able to draw on my experiences, such as chairing the Policy Review Procedures Committee, and will continue to engage fellow undergraduates to figure out the issues that are important to them. In addition, if re-elected I do intend to utilize my experience by pursuing a leadership role on the Board, specifically that of Vice-Chair. If I am fortunate enough to be re-elected, it is my intention to utilize my experience in a leadership role that will benefit the functionality of the Board.

YoadAvitzulYoad Avitzer

My name’s Yoad and I’m a third year Political Science/Philosophy student. The main reason I’m running for Board is because I value representation and transparency, specifically between the Board and the student body. I’ve noticed that students who aren’t involved in WLUSU don’t have anywhere near the level of awareness and influence as students who are. This needs to change, as WLUSU exists to represent all members, not simply the vocal ones. It will be my duty to reach out to the entire student body to truly represent their ideals. In the past year, the Board has drastically reduced the amount of confidential meetings to increase transparency. However, we can go further by communicating directly to the student body about our meetings, not only putting minutes on a hard-to-reach website. Finally, I believe in fiscal transparency and prudence, as students have the right to know how their fees are spent.

DavisBretzDavis Bretz

If elected, my focus will be on actively engaging with the student population in order to understand their needs and best represent their interests within the Students’ Union. I will be forthcoming and transparent in my actions and hold myself, the President, and the rest of the Board Of Directors accountable to the students. I will be responsible and do my best to be informed when conveying student’s opinions within The Union. With a strong presence on campus and informed decision-making, I believe that I would be a positive and motivated member of the Board.



Nicholas DeSumma (Brantford)

My name is Nick DeSumma and I am a Concurrent Education student running for the Board of Directors. I am from London, and currently live in Brantford for my studies at Wilfrid Laurier University. I would be an effective member on the Board of Directors, dedicated to both Laurier Brantford and Wilfrid Laurier University (Waterloo). My peers describe me as passionate, cooperative, and determined, the qualities necessary for this role. I have always had a strong passion for politics, and embrace all opportunities and challenges with a smile on my face. Sir Wilfrid Laurier demonstrated leadership with the skills of conflict resolution and compromise. If elected, I will work with the WLUSU team to be a strong advocate of his principles, and my own principle of connectivity between both campuses. For me, connectivity means communicating with each other and improved cooperation between campuses. Help me, help you. Vote Nick DeSumma.




Spencer Gibara

My name is Spencer Gibara, and my platform circles around financial accountability. Our current Student Union is millions of dollars in debt, meaning that the student body itself is in debt. This greatly harms our financial reputation in the eyes of the university, the students, and public. Going forward, I aim to fight for reduced student spending until the Union becomes more economically stable, and fiscally responsible. Furthermore, I want to argue for spending caps in order to insure an annual reduction in debt that will continue until the Student Union has a surplus of funds. I want the Student Union to continue to provide an incredibly fun and exciting student life for my Laurier friends on both campuses, while simultaneously staying guarded against overspending.

KeeganGoodmanKeegan Goodman

My name is Keegan Goodman I am a Third year History and Philosophy Student. I have been active in the Students Union in my Three years at Laurier. It’s time for my next step. I want to continue the great work of the Students Union by becoming a director. If elected I will ensure that the President acts in the best interest of the students. By holding the President accountable and by ensuring the students are made aware of the activities of the Students Union. This will be accomplished through open forums, office hours, and increasing the Board’s social media presence. I want students to be aware of the importance of the Board as they are the Stake Holders of the Students Union. If elected my goal will be to represent students to the best of my abilities and to ensure the continued success of the Students Union.

SujaayJagannathanSujaay Jagannathan

Hello, my name is Sujaay Jagannathan. I am currently in second year studying Health Science, hoping to represent Laurier students as a Board of Director and as a representative on the Senate next year. Having had a great time serving Laurier as a Footer, Responder, O-week volunteer and the Farmers’ Market Executive of Laurier Food Bank, I strive to make university one of the best experiences in students’ lives. I believe Advocacy, Transparency and Equal representation of students in both campuses is key in Laurier’s success. I plan to reach out to my fellow students and work closely with the Students’ Union and the Senate to resolve administrative, operational, and academic issues at Laurier. I will make sure the President’s role is closely followed, the four Ends of the Union are prioritized and that all funds are put into use with the students’ best interest. Remember, your Vote Counts!

MohammadAliMalikMohammed Ali Malik

My name is Mohammad Ali Malik and I am proud and honoured to run as a candidate for the WLUSU Board of Directors. I am a third year Political Science major and I am very passionate about being involved in my community. I believe that my experience in management, my upbringing in three foreign countries, and my own insatiable quest for truth, knowledge and justice will resonate well on the Board. My presence on the WLUSU BoD will be one that is devoted to the perpetual improvement of your experience as a student. No concern is too unimportant, and no question is too tough to ask. I will help raise the already high standards of Laurier by being the bridge of open communication that will represent the diversity of our great school. I am inspired by the struggles and achievements of those around me.

MattMcLeanMatt McLean

Over the past year, I’ve served as a director for your Students’ Union. During this time, I have sat on four different committees, one of which I’ve had the privilege to chair. It is this leadership and experience that has led me to seek re-election. In the upcoming year, it would be my duty to help guide the Board in monitoring the president’s execution of the strategic plan. Following feedback from the student body, the Board will ensure that the president and their team moves towards accomplishing the goals it sets out. In doing so, it is the Chair and CGO who will act as a liaison between the Board and the president. Should I gain your support and be re-elected, it is this position that I will seek. On February 5th and 6th, cast your ballot for proven leadership and experience. The choice is yours.

ShawnOkumShawn Okum

If I am elected to the Board of Directors, I will ensure that I am constantly engaging with students and providing their feedback to the rest of the Board. I believe that the most important factor in this position is to keep students as engaged and involved as possible, as they will be able to know that their opinions matter. I will also work hard to ensure that the money we pay is being used effectively and that it is going towards programs students actually want to see. My ultimate goal is to ensure that Laurier continues to maintain its reputation as one of the best school communities, and a place where everyone feels welcome.

Melody Parton. Photo by Layla Bozich

Melody Parton (Brantford)

My name is Melody Parton and I am running for the Board of Directors for the 2014-2015 year. One thing that’s really important to me is being an advocate for students from both campuses. I pride myself on my ability to express my opinions and I want to use my position to bring forth opinions of the students that don’t have the opportunity to express their own. I also want to increase transparency. I would really like to make it easier for students to know what is going on within the board and what we’re doing over the course of the year. Keeping with the low level of in-camera sessions is also a goal of mine. Last, I want to make sure that there is open and free communication within the board itself.


SalmanSalman Rona

Over my past two years at Laurier, I have had the opportunity for close encounters with our student union, faculty, Laurier administration, and even our President at Breakfast with Blouw. Having been engaged with the Waterloo entrepreneurship community as well as serving as President of a campus club, I believe that there are few universities as good as ours. I wish to serve on the Board of Directors, as an advocate to maintain unique nature of Laurier as well as build on its weaknesses. To you, my peers, I offer voice, direction, and transparency. Your Voice – to be heard where it matters, Direction – to realize long term goals, Transparency – of your Student Union to You. My focus for the upcoming year will be building on cohesiveness of our multi-campus university.

JonathanRicciJonathan Ricci

My name is Jonathan Ricci and I am a 2nd year Political Science student born and raised in Oakville, Ontario. I have been involved throughout Laurier in areas such as the Political Science Association, Bricker House Council and Hawk Weekend. I addressed students concerns throughout my experiences here at Laurier. My platform consists of 3 pillars. One is Advocacy; the Board of Directors needs feedback from students. If elected, I will ensure that all Laurier students’ are heard during critical debates. Secondly is Accountablity, I will ensure that the President’s agenda is on track and that he or she properly utilizes the Union’s budget. Lastly, we need Approachability. The Directors have to be easy going and approachable to ensure they can perform efficiently. Brantford, if you are looking for a student who is enthusiastic, approachable, outgoing and responsible. Vote Jonathan Ricci for Board of Directors.

WarrenTrottierWarren Trottier

I am a humble, yet driven, individual (fourth year student – double major: Political Science, Communication Studies; double minor: Law, French; double research option: PO, CS) who values integrity and wishes to share with you a wealth of experiences and wisdom while offering to enhance your capabilities as a privileged university student. I lust to fearlessly represent and advocate on behalf of ALL students while encouraging group proactivity when it comes to ensuring the responsible development and implementation of policy which will safeguard and promote the interests of Laurier students. Pledging for an accessible, safe and empowering environment, I will provide ethical oversight to a receptive and responsive Student Union. Throughout my years at Laurier I have involved myself with, and have represented, a multitude of campus clubs and student organizations. I am now prepared to dedicate myself to assist in the competent management of WLUSU.

ChrisMarshallChristopher Marshall

This candidate did not submit a platform.

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