The Sputnik

Collage: Winter

BY JEREMY VYN & MICHAEL PIRILLO Winter is both chaotic – with snowstorms, blowing snow, and harsh conditions – and peaceful.  These photos are meant to bring out the peaceful and beautiful aspects of winter.  By taking the world around […]

Collage: Christmas

PHOTO BY MICHAEL PIRILLO / THE SPUTNIK PHOTOGRAPHY   Michael Pirillo: Staying home to enjoy the holidays is totally enjoyable and very appropriate for 2020. As you can see in my photos, I decorated my house and did a lot […]

No more taxes on tampons – period

What do products like milk, bread, vegetables, prescription drugs, and medical devices like contact lenses and hearing aids have in common? Canadians do not pay taxes on these types of “essential” products. More specifically, these products are zero-rated. This means […]

The Path to Presidency

Josh Adesina & Melissa Weaver Editors Note: Dave Patterson dropped out of the WLUSU presidential campaign on Monday, February 2, 2015. Frank Cirinna Laurier is my home. Four years here has changed my life. Four years in University Affairs, including […]

Hitting the weights!

Fitness Logo

With final exams just around the corner, summer is getting even closer! Right now is the perfect time to begin an exercise plan and get a head start on your beach body.  Whether you’re a guy or a girl, weight […]

Bylaw to prevent smoking at bus terminal

A new bylaw that will prevent people from smoking at the Brantford Transit Terminal will be put in effect soon. Brantford City Council met on Monday night to discuss issues surrounding improving Brantford. There has been a bylaw in effect, […]

Publication ban: Murder, madness, Magnotta

A publication ban has been placed over the trial of Luka Magnotta. The ban will extend over the length of approximately two weeks while preliminary hearings are being conducted. Magnotta, 30, was charged with first-degree murder of Lin Jun, 33, […]

Exercise 101

Once you have your eating habits in check you can begin an exercise routine. Cardiovascular exercise and weight training are both crucial parts to losing weight and shaping up. Not only will regular exercise change your body, but it will […]

Saying goodbye to racetrack slots


For years the sport of horseracing and the allure of trackside casinos have collaborated to establish a flourishing and profitable industry in Ontario. A decade ago the industry grew even more when the provincial government proposed the ‘Slots at Racetracks […]