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Josh Adesina & Melissa Weaver
Ryley Fletcher

Riley_onlineMy name is Ryley Fletcher and I am in second year Concurrent Education at Laurier’s Brantford campus. I am currently seeking election for the Wilfrid Laurier Students’ Union’s Board of Directors.

My colleagues credit me as a devoted, vocal, and knowledgeable student, which is why I would be a quality asset to the Board of Directors. I am very passionate about the Wilfrid Laurier University student experience, which I would demonstrate as a Director of the Board.

If elected, I will use my marketing and communication experience to utilize social media in order to make Board resources more accessible to students. Additionally, this could highly increase multicampus communication throughout Laurier.  An informed student body allows for stronger and more collective decision making.

Help me ensure that your voice is being heard: Start Trying to Make Fletch Happen.

Abidasis Issa

Abdi_online (1)It’s with great enthusiasm and honour that I declare my interest in running for election on the board of directors of the Students Union. Having spoken to hundreds of students I often hear about students concerns about being adequately represented and engaged by the students union. Unfortunately, far too many students feel disconnected, remote and unengaged when it comes to having their voices heard. My platform will focus on three vital areas; experience, engagement and advocacy. I am currently finishing my term as vice-chair of Wilfrid Laurier University Students Publications, and have used this opportunity as a foundation to further develop my skills as a student leader. Outside of Laurier I have been a youth leader and community organizer focusing on ways to improve civic engagement and build healthy, sustainable and vibrant communities. I believe that my experience both from within and outside of the Laurier community will enable me.

Sujaay Jagannathan

Sujaay Jagannathan - ONLINE WillMy name is Sujaay Jagannathan and I’m running for the Students’ Union Board of Directors position to put forth my experience and passion towards developing the best student experience for Laurier. As a current board member, I have proven to be a strong advocate for students by sitting on multiple board committees including one I was an integral part of creating. Other involvements like Laurier Food Bank, Faculty of Science Students’ Association, and intramurals help me understand the student experience well.

If re-elected, I hope to better advocate students through increased outreach, to bridge gaps between the Union’s role and student needs through communication, and to formulate an ideal vision for the Union through research. I also plan to mentor new future board members to foster a strong, productive team. In essence, support me in bringing my board experience, initiatives and passion to promote the best student experience at Laurier.

Sam Kennaley

Sam Kennaley - ONLINE WillLaurier has become my home over the last three years and I am grateful for the opportunities that it has offered me. My journey here has been one of both self-discovery and personal growth.  I owe these experiences to my school, and that is why I want to serve as a Board of Director, so that I can return the favor.

If you have a question, I will answer it, if you have a concern, I will address it, and if you have a good idea, I will push for it. I’m happy to take time out of my day to help bridge the gap between students and the student union.  As your representative I promise to be both accountable and accessible.

Study space is becoming scarce. I will push to make the turret an available study space and also to make information regarding study space off campus both.

Hem Patel

Hem Patel - ONLINE WillMy platform consists of three extravagant and explicitly important pillars, which consist of different methods of accomplishment. The first of which is Advocacy. I want to ensure that further and more sincere efforts are taken towards bringing a transparent and a cohesive bridged connection between the students of the entirety of Laurier and the Student’s Union. My second pillar is Approachability. The only way to build such an interconnected university, as mentioned above, is through a Union that regularly communicates with the student body of both campuses; further enforcing transparency. Last, but certainly not the least, I want to provide and promote equal representation across both campuses and to be known as a “Laurier Director,” not one of just Waterloo.

Good luck to all candidates, and I hope to see everyone at the polls!

Derek Worden

DerekWorden_onlineBy running for Board of Directors, I’m committing to being knowledgeable and up-to-date on Students Union structures and policies in order to provide critical discussions and analysis during board meetings. I am also committed to ensuring that the President’s performance is in compliance of the ends, and executive limitations of the organization. My platform focuses on three key points: communicating the opportunities and services the Union provides, making Students’ Union resources accessible and visible on the Students’ Union website, and using my reach to encourage my peers to become interested in the Union. I believe that in doing this, I can help to improve the overall student experience here at Laurier. I firmly believe that I’m a strong fit for this position and will go above and beyond to fulfill the role of Director of the Board for the Wilfrid Laurier Students Union.

Maxwell Zibaei

MaxwellZibaei_onlineMy name is Max Zibaei and I am seeking election onto your Students’ Union Board of Directors.  If I am elected, I feel that I will bring a fresh perspective to the Board table. If elected I promise to be accessible to all students at all times and act promptly on all issues. As a Director of the Board, I also will be accountable to you, the students, and work to maximize the quality of your university experiences. If elected I am here to represent each and every one of you and in doing so I will strive to ensure that the President accomplishes each of the Ends of the Students Union. If I am fortunate enough to be elected, it is my intention to utilize my life experiences and passion benefit the functionality of the Board and create a safe and empowering environment on campus.

Calvin Da Silva

Calvin_onlineNo platform submitted.









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