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g (1 of 1)-2Over the past year, I have served as Vice Chair of the Board for your Students’ Union. This is my second term on the board, and it is the experience I have gained from advocating on behalf of students that has caused me to seek re-election. If successful, I plan on pursuing the position of Chair of the Board and Chief Governance Officer.

If re-elected, the majority of my initiatives will come from the Chair of the Board portfolio. I will work to ensure that the Student Life Levy committee has adequate student representation during the summer, to make sure student money is being spent appropriately, as well as continue to increase transparency from the Board through better marketing of meetings. I will also utilize my experience by promoting engagement from directors, as they represent you at the board table.

Remember to get out and vote on election days Laurier!

Kanwar Brar

paperKanwar Brar - ONLINE WillMy name is Kanwar Brar and I’m a second year Political Science Student. If elected, I will help develop long-term strategic goals for the organization, provide oversight, and manage the President through our policy governance system. From the winter term of my first year, I have attended more board meetings than the first-term directors of the current board. Students from both campuses can rely on me to engage in critical discussion on the table.

I have been involved with the Students’ Union in a multitude of settings including: The First Year Project, Food Bank, Winter Carnival, O-Week, Elections, University Affairs and more. I have also been involved with political campaigns at the municipal, provincial and federal level. My contributions have been recognized as I have been awarded the Students’ Union Volunteer of the Year Award, Residence Life – Outstanding Leadership Award, and Hawk Weekend Spirit Award.

Matt DeSumma

paperMattDesuma_onlineMy name is Matt DeSumma and I am a Law and Society student at Wilfrid Laurier University’s Brantford campus. I would be an effective member on the Board of Directors because I am passionate and dedicated to what I believe in and not afraid to voice my opinion on the matter.  In regards to the Students’ Union, I would like to take that strong voice of mine and use it to represent the entire student body, not just myself.  If elected, I will use my position to try and create a stronger presence of the Board in school functions and medias.  There is a lack of clear communication between Brantford and Waterloo, and students have the right to know about what’s going on at WLU as a whole, not just their own campus. Your vote can help make that happen. Thank you.

Nick DeSumma

paperNickDesuma_onlineMy name is Nick DeSumma and I am a Concurrent Education and Human Rights student seeking re-election on the Students’ Union Board of Directors. I currently live in Brantford for my studies at Wilfrid Laurier University.

When I entered this position, I promised to use my role as a Director to enhance connectivity between both WLU campuses. I demonstrated this over the past year by promoting communication and cooperation between the two. Additionally, I have sat on five committees and was privileged to sit as Chair for three, including the Finance Committee, where I ensured that money-spending policies are compliant. This type of experience and leadership led me to seek re-election.

If re-elected, I will bring my expertise to the table to ensure that all students are well represented. I will continue to be a passionate, vocal, and dedicated member of the Board, who advocates for all Laurier students.

Giovanni Giuga

g2 (1 of 1)My name is Giovanni Giuga. I am running for a position on the Board of Directors because I truly want to enhance every student’s experience at Laurier.

My platform is built upon further developing three key areas, but really it boils down to one word; communication. I believe that positive communication and consistent meaningful dialogue is at the heart of good governance.

A director is responsible for leading the strategic direction of the Student’s Union; I believe that my friendly and approachable personality will enable me to provide students with an avenue to express their opinions and ideas.

I intend to increase the transparency of the board to ensure that the general student population receives information of board activities that is more readily available and easily accessible.

I want to further develop and strengthen the multi-campus relationship to ensure the needs of all Laurier student are properly addressed.

Andrew Harris

Andrew Harris - ONLINE WillIf elected to the board, I will exercise prudence in any statement I put forth to ensure I am advocating change that will result in better governance and direction. The current direction that I would like to see the board in is as follows. I want to make the feedback from the presidential mid-term review accessible to students, incorporate a diversity policy within the Executive Limitations and include a limitation that prevents the president from withholding from engaging with the student body via social media. I also see it necessary to institute an updated lobbying and advocacy policy within the Executive Limitations, as the previous policy has been repealed. If elected to the board I will advocate for change, for proper direction and implementation and for adherence to policies. Ultimately, I will advocate for you.

Melody Parton

Melody_onlineMy name is Melody Parton and I am a third year Criminology student minoring in law on Laurier’s Brantford campus. This year I am seeking re-election to the Students Union Board of Directors. Having just served a term on the board, I am confident that I am able to represent the students on both the Waterloo and Brantford campuses adequately and impartially. Last year it was very important to me to ensure that there was open and free communication within the board. Having seen success in this communication style this year, it is my goal to see this continue, as it is very effective when addressing issues in policies that we as a board come across. With my experience as a Director of the Board, Volunteer within the Students Union as well as a student who uses the services of the Students Union I believe that I am definitely qualified to serve you as Director of the Board once again for the upcoming year.

Johnathan Ricci

Jonathan Ricci - ONLINE WillMy name is Jonathan Ricci and I am a third year Political Science student here at Laurier seeking re-election to the board. During my time on the board, I have served on two committees, one of which I had the honour to chair. If re-elected, I will bring my previous experience back to the board table. The focus of my term will consist of three components: Experience, Comunication and Collaboration. Having served on the board for one term, I will help mentor and transition the new directors into the role. Second is Communication. It is important as directors that we are approachable and communicate with the students we represent. I will also continue my engagement with students over social media and in person. Lastly Collaboration, it is important that we work with each other and students on both the Waterloo and Brantford campuses. On February 5th re-elect Jonathan Ricci!

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