WLUSP Presidential Candidates

Josh Adesina & Melissa Weaver
Emily Crump

g23 (1 of 1)In the past year and a half, I have had many opportunities thanks to WLUSP. I have worked with Radio Laurier as a DJ, a street team member, a manager and now program director. I have worked hard to help recruit and grow this department and hope to do more for the entire organization.

I believe to continue to grow we need to promote cohesiveness as an organization. I hope to ensure that all departments have the resources they need to reach their full potential. I will encourage working together through promotion across campuses and departments. If I am elected president I would like to ensure a stronger board presence and ensure that all volunteers are aware of whom each member of the administration is.

I would like to foster strong relationships with each department. My year with Radio Laurier has given me an in depth understanding of the workings of the department, I hope to have the same understanding of all departments. In my position at Radio Laurier I have learned communication and interpersonal skills, which has enabled me to develop relationships with people throughout the organization. I would like to encourage all volunteers to do the same.

I would like to provide the support and guidance needed to all department heads to help them run their department to their full capabilities. I believe that many of our dual campus productions can be expanded. If I am elected president I will help strengthen our organization.

Nathanael Lewis

Nate_onlineStarting as a volunteer at the beginning of 2013 and transitioning through Advertising Assistant, News Editor and eventually finding myself as the Brantford Manager of Operations by 2014 was not easy. But if anything, I can tell you that those experiences have made me familiar with almost every level of WLUSP.

Over the past year as Brantford’s administrative member, I have come to learn two things: communication is crucial and professionalism is the key to success.

Throughout this year, I have built strong relationships with people from both the Brantford and Waterloo campuses. I have attempted to further equality between offices as far as my position would allow me, and I have tried to contribute to the publications I directly have a hand in.

WLUSP Brantford and Waterloo need to be looking at a more unified system which supports long term forms of reliable income, stronger content, a more comprehensive policy, and better training practices.

Change is a necessary component when building a stronger, more unified organization. There are some things which will take the next ten years to attain, but there are others still that need to change starting on May 1, 2015. I have always liked the idea of thoughtful solutions rather than prolonged problems – I believe any staff member would agree that this is exactly what WLUSP needs.

I hope to be able to work alongside a strong, unified, multi-campus staff over the next year to see WLUSP come closer to even a few of these goals.

Bryan Stephens

Bryan_onlineBeing president and publisher should be about serving the interests of a student body that is producing high quality publications and providing meaningful student opportunities. Transparency, accountability and upholding morality are the kinds of traits that this position should facilitate for WLUSP.

I want to see the management of WLUSP reflect the incredible staff working within it. The work that is being cultivated within this organization reflects this commitment to quality. When I started at The Cord two years ago, I quickly discovered that the work environment would help create a memorable experience that added meaning to working for the paper. Contributing stories on a weekly basis was more than a repetitive work schedule but something I looked forward to. It’s this experience that I want to help othersvexperience as part of WLUSP. I want to see volunteers be comfortable here and realize that their work and contributions are the core of WLUSP.

From the work I have accomplished as Arts & Life Editor, I understand that facilitating a positive and encouraging experience for volunteers is at the core of what makes their participation within WLUSP a positive one. Countless hours of hard work and determination towards creating an engaging, high-quality publication have shown me that without the efforts of volunteers the larger bodies their work contributes to wouldn’t be possible. I want to create an environment that empowers volunteers to act as a catalyst for ensuring WLUSP remains a premier student media organization in Canada.


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