WLUSP Board of Directors

Josh Adesina & Melissa Weaver
Abdiasis Issa

Abdi_online (1)Over the past year I have the distinct honour and privilege of serving WLUSP as a member of the board and as vice-chair. My experience with WLUSP has been nothing short of extraordinary! From the amazing volunteers that keep WLUSP in operation to the unprecedented and unmatched publications produced, WLUSP continues to be the voice for Laurier students. At the centre of WLUSP’s success is it’s volunteers; there is no doubt that their hard work and commitment enables WLUSP to continue producing quality, meaningful and engaging content. I intend to further support WLUSP’s volunteers by acting as a liaison between the Board and the frontline volunteers that make WLUSP possible. I believe that my experience on WLUSP along with my vision for WLUSP in partnership with fellow board members and the President will enable WLUSP to provide the best possible experience to Laurier students.

Thomas Lillo

Thomas_onlineIf elected to the board of directors I will ensure that I make educated decisions when dealing with matters of importance, and I will work with the rest of the board to expand Wilfrid Laurier Student Publications in a sustainable manner. I hope to find new and creative ways to save the company money without sacrificing the quality of our publications. I will make sure that I have good professional relationships with members of WLUSP management, and am always available to talk. I plan on being as transparent as possible and work on communicating board decisions to who they will effect.

John Pehar

John Pehar_onlineAs an Economics student with a background in finance and accounting, I have been fortunate to sit as Treasurer on the WLUSP Board of Directors for the past five months.  I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in this role and I am interested in continuing in this position for another term.

As custodian of the WLUSP Board of Directors, I will guide the actions of the Board with economic facts.  During the past five months, I have proven that I am capable of handling figures and cash.  I have an orderly mind and methodical way of thinking.  I have a proven track record of providing accurate and timely updates to ensure WLUSP stayed on budget.  My understanding of the cash inflows and outflows of the organization, as well as my experience with reviewing this fiscal year’s budget, would allow for a seamless continuation in this role.

Rafey Sattar

Rafey_onlineWith experience working for a regional magazine in my hometown and The Cord I consider myself to be an ideal candidate to contribute to the strategic governance of WLUSP. As an associate at the Oakville Voice magazine I experienced the breadth of functions required to run a successful publication, including advertising, distribution and public relations. My experience in the most crucial aspects of a community paper’s operations puts me in a unique position to understand and advise on the future of WLUSP. Most importantly, as a staff writer for The Cord and a guest on Radio Laurier, I bring an appreciation for the diverse opportunities for self-expression, discovery and personal growth that WLUSP and its various publications provide for students. Working with WLUSP has been one of the most rewarding parts of my undergraduate experience. As a second year BBA student here at Laurier, and I’d look forward to serving on the BOD next year.

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