Bylaw to prevent smoking at bus terminal

A new bylaw that will prevent people from smoking at the Brantford Transit Terminal will be put in effect soon.

Brantford City Council met on Monday night to discuss issues surrounding improving Brantford.

There has been a bylaw in effect, but it only bans smoking under the terminal’s canopy, yet allowing it anywhere further from the terminal.

The new bylaw was presented at the meeting by councillor Larry Kings, who sits on the Transit Liaison Advisory Committee.

Kings explains the main reason for the change to the bylaw, “because it’s not healthy and we’re trying to do everything we can. The secondary reason is because the TLAC … has over the last year suggested that [City Council] do something about the smoking at the terminal.”

The resolution which Kings is in the process of getting from the legal department will allow for the city to post signs on the terminal walls and the fence surrounding the perimeter of the terminal.

The hope is that by posting the signs on the property, the riders will become compliant and this will not result in any issues after the first week.

Kings mentioned the penalties for incompliant riders would include refusing the customer access to the transit system or calling the Brantford Police Service and having them deal with the person directly.

The new bylaw will go to council at the end of March. With all council members on board with the new bylaw, it is expected to be carried out immediately.

Signs are expected to be posted within the next two weeks and enforcement to begin as early as the start of April.

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