Brantford’s hidden gems: Street Art

An artist’s expression through street art is much more than spray paint to a wall. It solidifies itself in the art world by maintaining political statements as it relates to everyday people walking down the street. There are many of these visually stimulating pieces in the downtown core of Brantford.

Two Doors Down, a local bar located at 139 Market St. has one of the most iconic pieces in the downtown core exhibiting a panda, musical notes, speakers and many more pieces. A newly added piece is located on Dalhousie across from RCW. Another location that is filled with many pieces is the Grand River Trail. This scenic trail does not only hold itself with the beautiful scenery of the Grand River and abundance of nature surrounding it, but there are many pieces of graffiti in and around the trail. The fusion of human-made beauty and nature create a balance that accentuates the dependence we have on each other.

So, do yourself a favour and dedicate a couple hours out of your day to explore these places so close to where we call home. Make sure to add a side of music and possibly some munchies to fuel your adventure.

(Click to view the pictures full screen!)

Photo’s courtesy of Claudia Marmol/The Sputnik.

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