Brantford’s summer of films

Contributed Photo / Kira Hoskins
A screenshot taken from a video of the filming set by the LBYMCA.

Wilfrid Laurier University’s Brantford campus is becoming a beacon for filming companies across the nation to come and film their content in Downtown Brantford, especially this past summer. Over the past few years, Brantford has been gaining popularity as a filming hot spot, even letting many students star as extras in the films. In 2022, the downtown was transformed as the backdrop for popular show The Handmaid’s Tale.  

As students and residents, the City of Brantford gives notices when there will be filming in the area. The notices do not provide details about the content that is being filmed in the area. However, once the backdrops and props are spread out around town, it is a guessing game of what is being filmed. The City of Brantford enters a contract with filming companies so respecting the privacy and wishes of the companies is very important. So, information is not easily accessible upfront. However, more information can be found as the filming process continues in the city. The City of Brantford also keeps a record of all movies and TV shows that are filmed. 

This past summer, several productions used Brantford as the backdrop of their content. Notices were sent out well in advance. Filming occurred on April 30 to May 4, July 2 to July 7 and June 15.  

Each filming notice includes information about how filming could affect day-to-day life in Brantford, such as noise exemptions, road and sidewalk closures, intermittent traffic control, street parking and closures, and marking displacement. The next time an out of place traffic sign is around Brantford, stick around, maybe the next Stephen King thriller is being filmed.  

Kira Hoskins, a fourth-year social work student, had the chance to see a production during this past summer. Hoskins works at the LBYMCA and this summer, her commute to work was disrupted by road closures and limited parking. As she was walking into work, she caught glimpses of a film set being put up and used in filming. She said the experience was such a cool thing to watch even though it meant she had to walk a little longer to get to work.  

With the fall television season coming up, it is exciting to see which shows our small campus has been host to and what is next in store for filming in Brantford.

Contributed Video / Kira Hoskins

This article was originally published in print Volume 23, Issue 1 on Thursday, Aug. 31.

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