Melissa Weaver

I'm Melissa, this is my first year on The Sputnik. Being a second year English major, I have a love for language and literature. I dream of teaching English overseas. I am also the creator and president of Laurier Brantford's first ever Theatre Club. I am an avid reader of Shakespeare and a cat enthusiast. I am destined to be the crazy cat lady and I am perfectly okay with it.

Laurier’s Journey to #EndRapeCulture

  Self identifying women now have a safe space on campus in Laurier Brantford’s Women’s Centre located in Lawyer’s Hall.   The Women’s Centre hosted their first event on March 9, a screening and panel discussion of The Hunting Ground. […]

Consent is golden and mandatory

  Laurier’s Advocates for Student Culture of Consent (ASCC) hosted the first panel discussing the “Blurred Lines of Consent” on  Jan. 26 in Waterloo. The event was streamed from the Paul Martin Centre in Waterloo to the Brantford Students’ Union […]

Life Writing Course connects generations

Laurier offers an English course aimed at building relationships between students and senior community members.   The course, EN420Z: Early American Life Writing, is another way that students are able to interact with the Brantford community. Dr. Michael Ackerman, EN420Z […]

Off-campus housing: a safety concern

  Recent crimes and the way they have been handled in Laurier Brantford student housing areas are concerning students regarding their safety in off-campus housing.   On Sunday, Sept. 20, around 3 a.m., a man was stabbed in a Laurier […]

Game on, Laurier Brantford!

Despite the negative news surrounding the recent 22 job cuts and Nipissing’s departure, some good news regarding Laurier Brantford’s progression and expansion can help bring positivity. After several years of planning and waiting, Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, […]