Making space for prayer at Laurier Brantford

What do you think of the word ‘spirituality?’ How about ‘prayer space?’ Whether you are religious or not, Laurier Brantford’s newly created prayer space will allow you to embrace your religious and spiritual beliefs.

The prayer space will be a multi-faith space for students, staff and faculty to do any type of spiritual reflection that they practice. “The idea for the space came about after a student came forward, asking if such a place existed on campus. When we said no, she explained how she holds prayer outside her car. Seeing this not only as a safety but as a student’s needs not being met, Mel and I began to research possible spaces around campus that could provide somewhere for faith based activities,” Adam Lawrence, Dean of Students explained. “The space could be used for prayer, meditation, yoga and anything else the student desires,“ added Mel Burke, who oversaw the project with Lawrence and the Diversity & Leadership Coordinator.

Burke and Lawrence opted for an intimate space instead of an office space. There will be added space in the hallways for boots and coats. There is also an option of lockers for students who need them.

The space is located in a former storage area in the Carnegie Building. Lawrence assures that anything within the room can be built to meet student’s needs. The space will be open to everyone on campus and has a locked room with a key coded entrance for security. Students who wish to use the facility will be given the code and may use it whenever they please. Lawrence and Burke’s goals with this project were to encourage students to voice their opinions and changes they want to see. “We are willing and able to make a difference and make students more comfortable,“ said Lawrence.  The project is among a series of other projects happening within the university to improve the academic and non-academic lives of students.

Since speaking to the original student, up to six students have come forward to add additional ideas to the mix. In regards to an official open date, Burke added“We are waiting on the final touches, we will be taking a small group of students through and then it will be open, hopefully in a few weeks.”

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