#Halfahawknomore: Laurier students campaign for library

#Halfahawknomore is the popular hashtag swirling around social media after Luc Daviau, Aryan Arvandi and Victoria Wong’s effort to promote the idea of an academic library on the Laurier Brantford campus. With the recent purchase of Market Square, many students are asking what will it be used for. Laurier for Library believes that an academic library should be added to the space. Daviau explained the groups purpose “The goal of the campaign is to promote the need for an academic library at the Brantford campus to students present and future. We are trying to ensure that students continue to discuss this idea for the years to come, and offer their input and suggestions.“

A library could offer some much needed quiet study space on campus. While the addition of the Digital Commons in the basement of Grand River Hall allows for quiet study space and student access to academic librarians, that is the only area that promotes quiet study space. Students arguably study best when they are able to focus on their work.  “I think that students on campus are missing out on the situation of being able to go to one location and have everything you need to write your paper, or to study for your exams.”

After Brantford Expositor released an article about the students’ efforts, countless comments were made by both Brantford local community members and Laurier Brantford students arguing for and against the project. One anonymous poster said “Rope something off at the Brantford library. Set up some shelves for your professors. Share with your friends. Go to the central campus. Go on Google.”

Daviau responded “As a History minor, it is sometimes difficult to come across primary resources on very specific topics for final papers. Students also miss out on the actual act of research as well, which is going into the library and looking for books to find resources that could have been excluded from online databases.”

In terms of finances, Daviau is uncertain of the university’s financial situation, especially after the recent budget cuts and e-mail regarding a large deficit, but Daviau remains optimistic. “Judging from the growth and expansion plans Laurier has, in Milton, Toronto, and Brantford, it seems unlikely that they don’t have enough money for an essential part of post-secondary education,” said Daviau.

Laurier has two librarians on staff which have now been moved to the Digital Commons at Grand River Hall. Brantford Public Library has various resources available to Laurier students. However, many feel as though a reserved, quiet space would be best for academic growth.

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