Laurier’s Gala and Silent Auction raises money for hungry children

“Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have,” said MPP Dave Levac at Laurier’s Gala and Silent Auction hosted on March 28 by the CT401 food class. The dinner was hosted in aid of Child Hunger Brantford, a non-profit organization that provides nutritional programs to disadvantaged children and families in the community.

The evening began with an introduction from MPP Dave Levac, who praised and thanked Laurier for being a positive inspiration and making a contribution towards building a better community. Christine Pizzer, co-founder of Child Hunger Brant also presented and expressed her gratitude, “I’m overwhelmed that we were chosen unanimously to be the recipient of this event and donations. Events like this help create an awareness of the need for assistance in schools.” The event has differed annually in its unanimous class selection of the program that proceeds will go to. It is a student led event as part of the final exam for CT401, but it was evident that the event meant much more to the students than just a course. Their hard work, several months of planning and dedication to aiding child hunger was worth it.

Attendees enjoyed a variety of delicious foods including cornish game hen, cheddar sweet potato biscuits and chocolate mousse with orange scented madeleines. Throughout the night, attendees participated in a silent auction for products including Raptor tickets, chocolate treats and beauty supplies, donated by various sponsors. The event also included gift draws for lucky attendees.

The event was motivated by the need for awareness of the important social issue of hunger, and the realization that it exists in our own community not just internationally. Caroline Arnold, a student in CT401,commented on the significance of the event. “It is important to be aware that social issues are happening right here in Brantford, and to raise money for a good cause. It also gets Laurier out in the community interacting and mingling with others.” The event also stressed the reality that a large number of people relied on food banks and programs to survive, which made charity events and donations even more important.

Laurier’s contribution to combating social issues showed the heartwarming nature of the Laurier community and its positive effects. “It’s wonderful to see that Laurier cares enough about the community that it works hard to recognize social problems and take positive action against them. This shows one of the many reasons why Laurier is so successful,” commented Aurora Krasniqi on the successful event.  The gala showed that Laurier does not shy away from social issues but rather delves into them and is determined to help minimize the existence of food insecurity in society.

The gala was successful from beginning to end and organizers of the event made every attendee feel welcome and part of the Laurier family. Donors for the event gave wonderful gifts. In addition, they received the gift of character by doing something for those who couldn’t repay them.

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