Arnisa Morina

Canada: a safe haven for refugees

A lot of people have been debating lately whether Canada should accept Syrian refugees. I have been disappointed with the lack of tolerance and empathy from the people I thought I knew. I remain shocked at how Syrian refugees are […]

Journalism: dying or evolving?

The industry of journalism has always experienced decline. There have been a lot of sudden announcements concerning newspapers cutting staff members, and moving from print to the Internet. Advertising agencies have not been too enthusiastic about partnering with newspapers because […]

Breaking the stigma

  What can be done to improve the stigma of mental health? Break the silence. We live in a society where if you were to break your leg, people would support and help you. On the other hand, if you […]

PM David Cameron did what?

Allegations of British Prime Minister, David Cameron engaged in a sexual initiation ritual involving a dead pig, as a student at Oxford University, have caught the world’s attention. Conservative Lord Ashcroft claimed that an Oxford friend had a photograph of […]