Tips to find a perfect summer job in Brantford

Art by Neha Sekhon
Art by Neha Sekhon

Summer is almost here and that means that it is time to take a break, or to make some money! As university students we all need a little extra income, so it’s important to prepare for summer jobs and student placements. Don’t know where to find employment opportunities this summer? There are many services available to help get you started, and bring you closer to achieving your goals.

Ontario Public Service

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work for the Ontario government? There is no need to wonder anymore. This summer is your chance to further your education and improve your career skills, through government employment. Job opportunities include: Victim Services Aid, Market Coordinator, Environmental Assistant, working on a boat as a Marine Assistant to support law enforcement with the Ontario Provincial Police, Travel Counsellor, examining evidence samples as a Laboratory Assistant, and many more worthwhile experiences. Through these positions, which range from seven to eighteen weeks, you can develop skills that will help you attain your ultimate career goals.

Head on over to to get your job search started!

Laurier Navigator

Laurier’s Career Centre will help you find a summer job through over 4000 job postings for students. These postings can be accessed through Navigator which includes not only summer but also full-time and on-campus opportunities. The Career Centre also offers services to assist students in preparing an effective cover letter and resume. It also helps you prepare for and improve your interview skills. If you haven’t already done so, it is time to take advantage of the helpful and easily accessible services on campus, that are here to help you be successful. View job postings by logging on to Laurier Navigator:

Brant Jobs

Brant Jobs is an effective tool to search through various available employment opportunities offered in your area, not limited to Brantford only. Students can also prepare for their career path by reviewing advice and tips by employers and employees. These will help you refine your job search, resume and prepare for interviews. Further engage yourself in articles related to career development, employment opportunities and prospects from leading business publications. Student jobs and placements can be found at:

Volunteer Network Brantford

If you are spending the summer in Brantford and are interested in volunteer opportunities, take a look at Brantford’s Volunteer Network: This summer, you can meet new people and form meaningful relationships through volunteering which will make a difference in your life. Volunteer opportunities include childcare, advocacy, leadership roles, event planning and plenty more. Give back to your community and gain skills you can use in and outside of school every day.

Whether it be through employment or volunteer opportunities, you can improve your skills, learn about your working style and decide which career field is right for you. Take a break this summer, but don’t forget to also gain valuable work experience which will help you succeed. Good luck Golden Hawks!

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