Journalism: dying or evolving?

The industry of journalism has always experienced decline. There have been a lot of sudden announcements concerning newspapers cutting staff members, and moving from print to the Internet. Advertising agencies have not been too enthusiastic about partnering with newspapers because of its decline in circulation. How many hits can the industry of journalism take before it goes down for the count?

Bell Media was one of the recent companies to cut 270 jobs in Toronto, along with 110 in Montreal – according to the Globe and Mail. All of these jobs were cut from the production, editorial and sales & marketing segments of Bell Media. Quite unfortunate, indeed. In addition, Montreal-based paper, La Presse, was another paper that cut 158 jobs, according to the Globe and Mail. 43 newsroom jobs were cut, along with approximately 40 jobs circulation jobs. As you can see, things haven’t been looking great for journalists. If companies continue to cut staff loose, what could this mean for journalism?

The world has changed in the past 10 years, and journalism has changed along with it. I strongly believe that change is not something to lament, but rather to welcome. Journalism has evolved from newspapers to radio coverage, television, the Internet, and social media.  I think that the future is bright for journalists, if they develop effective strategies, and gain skills to respond to an ever-changing society. After all, journalism comes from journalists.

There is no industry that has not changed and evolved in the last decade. Journalism is definitely changing but it may not be for the worst. As long as journalists understand the quality and effort that needs to go into producing content, journalism should be in good hands. On the other hand, jobs are becoming harder to get because they are in demand. Furthermore, we have seen the emergence of digital media, and the decline of traditional journalism. Nowadays, online journalists receive pleasure from retweets on Twitter, shares on Facebook, and other social media outlets. I think it is important for journalists, especially prospective journalists, to adapt to the transformation of journalism in order to be successful.

People will always want to hear and know about the latest controversial issues, and what is new in the world.. Will journalism die? Never. Will journalism continue to change and evolve? Absolutely.

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