You can’t wear that!


“That the social justice movement has gone too far when kids can’t even represent their own culture,” Sewerynek told MRCTV.


A student was dressed as a mariachi for Halloween, as reported by MRCTV. This character is an element of his culture and he wanted to dress up as that stereotype, just as if I wanted to dress up as an English aristocrat, with a top hat and monocle. Only he was told he couldn’t, according to the Ontario school board. Apparently that’s offensive. To himself. How is a mariachi band offensive? Are we banning any cultural costumes now? Is every culture so frail that we can’t even wear it for one night? Can you imagine any other culture being told off when they celebrate an ancient tradition?


There is a costume approval board and I have a few questions for them. Can I dress up as a cat, or does that offend cats? Can I dress up as a ninja, or does that offend the Japanese? Can I dress up as a pirate or does that offend victims of piracy? This rapidly becomes stupid because it is stupid. Dress up as whatever you want. Some people might enjoy the costume, others won’t. Regardless, those who won’t can’t really enjoy anything anyways.


You don’t have to have your costume approved by uptight people who have never had any fun in their lives. This is the logical result of zero tolerance and safe-space policies that the Baby Boomers forced on us, and that our parents and grandparents have wholeheartedly embraced. Be rebellious, offensive and think for yourself.

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