Changes in the centre for student life and engagement

Laurier Brantford’s Centre for Student Life and Engagement rebranded itself over the summer.

Previously known as the Student Life and Engagement office, run primarily by Melissa Burke, former Diversity and Leadership Coordinator, and coordinator Jessi Calberry, the renewed Centre for Student Life & Engagement (CSLE) included a wide variety of student volunteer positions which fell under three categories: off-campus, leadership and diversity.

The CSLE included new student groups to go along with the pre-existing ones: LOCUS, Out to Lunch and the Co-Curricular Record.

“The really cool thing about these committees is that they can do something different with it – have new ideas because there’s nothing in the past that they need to follow or feel obligated to do because they did it last year,” said student programming intern Katie Monaco.

After a summer review, the Diversity & Equity office established itself in another space, and some committees, including MyRespect, Rainbow Alliance and SOUL pulled out of the Centre for Student Life & Engagement.

“It was then rebranded and recognized that there are some student groups within Student Affairs that existed and there was a desire for them to be more supported on campus, which is why they were brought into the Centre for Student Life and Engagement,” said Calberry.

Not only has the CSLE rebranded itself internally, but also externally with their new workspaces for the committees to work together and have a space of their own.

Calberry hopes that students will, “… see more programming and more student leadership opportunities available through the new centre.”

For any students who are interested in volunteering for any of these positions or have any questions, Calberry and Monaco encourage students to drop by the second floor of the Student Centre to find out more information. Hiring closes September 25.

The following are new committees that students can get involved with:

Mental Health Education Group

The Mental Health Education Group is dedicated to breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health through interactive events and campaigns.

“We’re really excited to see what they do because it’s never existed before on campus. so the volunteers get to run with it and make it what they think it should be,” said both Calberry and Monaco.

“I think it’s important to make students aware of what mental health is, what it encompasses and what the stigmas are so we can figure out ways to beat it,” added Monaco.

Student Conduct Educators 

Student Conduct Educators provide interactive and informative events and workshops with the goal of educating the campus community about the Non-Academic Student Code of Conduct.

“I think you’re going to see some really cool things from the Student Conduct Educators, letting the students know about both the Non-Academic Student Code of Conduct and what that means as a Laurier student and how to go through that process and to remind students that it wasn’t created to get them into trouble,” said Calberry.

Peer Health Educators 

Through the Alternative Placement program with Nipissing University, Peer Health Educators promote the physical, emotional and psychological health of students at Laurier through programs, campaigns and presentations.

Leadership Ambassadors 

Leadership Ambassadors engage the Laurier community in leadership learning and development. The ambassadors run workshops and team building activities.

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