Apple and its impact on technology

Take a minute and think about the world’s most influential corporations.

Did Apple turn out to be one of them? Of course it did.

There are several establishments that have changed the world in one way or another. However, Apple is without a doubt, one of the world’s most impactful companies. Even as we speak, Apple’s newest products are being pre-ordered online, and are selling out quite fast. The influence Apple has had on technology is clear, and it does not seem like it will slow down anytime soon. Although many other companies have left their stamp on the technology we cannot live without, it seems as though Apple is in a league of its own. If you had to pick one logo to represent technology and its impressive arsenal of gadgets, what would it be? I can think of one.

In a generation where technology has become a lifestyle, Apple has maintained its position as one of the most impactful corporations in the world. Apple was founded in 1976, and has grown to become responsible for creating the gadgets the world cannot seem to get enough of today. The iPod, iPhone, iPad and iMac are all products that most of us are familiar with, and they are constantly reinvented to satisfy consumers.

The iPod was first created in 2001 and in comparison to the older MP3 players and the current versions of the iPod, it wasn’t that great of a gadget. Alongside the iPod, Apple created iTunes as a space to download music exclusively for iPod users. Using a regular MP3 can be quite the task, because you have to worry about formats and such. As Steve Jobs would have guessed, consumers would want the iPod because of its ability to hold large amounts of music without difficulty.

Apple’s impact on cellphones has also been tremendous. Cellphones and their perks have become as popular as ever, and consumers will pay as much as they can for the latest phone. In the past, other companies that produced cellphones, such as Nokia and Blackberry, were controlling the market. Once Jobs introduced the world to the iPhone in 2007, other phones became less popular – according to Tech Radar. Although the iPhone made the touchscreen popular, Apple did not invent it. The first touchscreen phone was the IBM Simon which was created by IBM in 1992. In addition, HTC created the first android phone in 2008, the HTC Dream, which was also a revolutionary piece of technology. There are several companies that have helped pioneer the progress of technology but nonetheless, Apple was able to reinvent touchscreens for phones before commercialising it. That can pass as something to brag about.

Fast-forward to Apple’s current standing in the tech market, and you will see that it hasn’t slowed down. Apple is preparing to release the iPhone 6s, which will be its latest version of the iPhone. The release date will be September 25, for selected countries including Canada and the UK, according to The Telegraph. In addition, customers worldwide that have pre-ordered will face waiting times of approximately four weeks. In addition, the iPhone is projected to sell 209.4-million units this year, and 221.2-million next year, according to the Telegraph. Apple is also releasing a string of other products including the forth generation Apple TV, and the iPad pro. Like I said earlier, Apple has not slowed down at all.

Although there are numerous companies that have created products that make our lives easier, Apple’s presence in technology is commendable. Apple is not the only company in the world but it is definitely one that has helped shape the culture of technology consumption.

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