Karly Rath

I choose what to write about by asking myself what questions people have and why they have not yet been answered; I delve into issues many shy away from. Although my passion lies in revolutionizing human sexuality, I tell any story that helps us see fresh perspectives, achieve social justice or understand ourselves. I strive to make these sometimes dense or distant issues resonate with you by talking to real people with real experiences. Society needs change. As a journalist and humanitarian, I challenge society’s assumptions and make us analyze our world. Through my work, I create conversations.

Inside the mind of a hypnotist

Like many of us, hypnotist Jerry Enns was once extremely skeptical of hypnosis, mind magic and even past lives. But with what he has experienced, it is easy to understand why his beliefs have been transformed. After a serious car […]

Callous or complimentary

‘I’d like to ride you like you ride that bike,’ a teenage male said to Sarah Rodrigues, 27, as she rode her bicycle down a path one day. Despite being nervous about being alone, Rodrigues “stopped, turned to them, and […]