Vivian Yan /The Sputnik

How many times have you found yourself taking the short way out, using the excuse of “Hey, this is just way more convenient for me right now!.” The art of conveniences has taken on an entirely new role in the […]

Keep it simple stupid!

A time of moral panic can dissolve even the most stoic thinker’s poker face. Trying to adjust one’s moral compass to the direction of justness in a time in which each day thrusts a new boogeyman into global headlines is […]

Grand River likely to flood

  With each spring comes a season full of decision-making. Should one opt for a coat or sweater? Is it really necessary to tote an umbrella? Despite the variety-packed nature of the season, according to authorities, one choice to make […]

Bill C-23, an election act deemed to be fair

Conservative Bill C-23 may ultimately affect only students, the elderly and Aboriginals. Introduced by the Minister of Justice, the initial reason for Bill C-23 was to strengthen election rules. Bill C-23, first presented by the Conservative party in 2006, prohibits […]

Unemployment on the rise in Niagara region

The closing of Big Lots and Myers Industries paired with severe winter conditions may be the cause in an unemployment spike. The spike was announced in March after February numbers were officially released. “Two factors during the last month likely […]

Transit fare on the rise

As of April 1, 2014, it will cost $3 to take a ride on Brantford public transit. The twenty-five cent hike in fare only applies to cash transactions; the price of monthly and refillable transit B-Cards will remain stagnant. The […]

Thomas Mulcair visits Brantford

On Tuesday evening, leader of the NDP, the official opposition, Thomas Mulcair, addressed a hall full of Brantford residents. After a full day of visiting within the GTA, furthering the NDP’s affordability campaign, Mulcair stopped in Brantford to speak with […]

More jobs coming to Brantford

A protein sports supplement factory will bring more jobs to the Brantford area in the near future. NutraBlend Foods is amongst the four newest companies receiving financial support from the Southwestern Ontario Development Fund. “The government’s Southwestern Ontario Development Fund […]

Local Lifetime Achievement Award announced

Local volunteers will finally be getting some of the attention they deserve. Last Wednesday, a committee of citizens gathered at the Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts on Dalhousie St. to announce the creation of “The Lifetime Achievement Award for […]