More jobs coming to Brantford

New jobs are coming to Brantford. By Nathanael Lewis.
New jobs are coming to Brantford. By Nathanael Lewis.

A protein sports supplement factory will bring more jobs to the Brantford area in the near future.

NutraBlend Foods is amongst the four newest companies receiving financial support from the Southwestern Ontario Development Fund.

“The government’s Southwestern Ontario Development Fund is helping companies like NutraBlend in Brantford grow and create jobs. The provincial government continues to partner with companies here in Brantford and across the southwestern Ontario to invest, expand, innovate and create the jobs of today and of tomorrow,” said Brant MPP, Dave Levac.

Ontario is investing $139,860 to aid NutraBlend Foods in building a new plant in Brantford, while creating 53 new jobs and retaining 60.

As North America’s third largest producer of protein sports supplements, the support will help NutraBlend Foods increase production and gain market share.

Four companies are receiving support from the Southwestern Ontario Development Fund. This will help to create jobs and encourage regional businesses to be innovative and pursue new markets.

Other recently funded companies include Meridian Manufacturing (which will create 18 new jobs in Cambridge), Answer Precision Tool and Cambridge Towel Company.

Ontario is assisting southwestern Ontario businesses in creating and retaining over 9,000 jobs as well as expanding the production capabilities and exploration of new markets.

“The Southwestern Ontario Development Fund is a catalyst for business wanting to grown and diversify their operations,” said Dr. Eric Hoskins, Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Employment. “We’re proud to support companies in southwestern Ontario that are contributing to Ontario’s economic growth and creating good jobs.”

Since October 2012, the government has committed $36 million through the Southwestern Ontario Development Fund, which has attracted a total investment of $340 million. These investments have assisted in creating over 1,800 new jobs, and retained more than 7,200 existing jobs within the region.

The Southwestern Ontario Development Fund was modelled after the proven Eastern Ontario Development Fund. Together, these two funds have both created and retained more than 24,400 jobs; they have strengthened local economies since their creations in 2008 (EODF) and 2012 (SWODF).

Sectors eligible for funding include advanced manufacturing, processing, life sciences, information and communications technology, tourism and cultural industries. Ontario is accepting applications for the Southwestern Ontario Development Fund from qualified businesses that are growing and creating jobs.”



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