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When I first came to this campus, I was a first year student with dozens of questions and a burning desire to find answers for all of them. 


As a second year student now, I can’t say that I have found all the answers. While I continue to try, there’s still so much to learn–and there likely always will be.


Which brings me to my introduction: Hello, Sputnik readers. I’m Hana Kidwai, and I’ll be your Editor-in-Chief for The Sputnik for the 2021-2022 year.


I’m a student from the User Experience Design program with a passion for news writing and a never-ending curiosity to understand the world around me. 


Sprinkle in my love for writing, and I couldn’t pull myself away from gravitating towards The Sputnik. 


Over this past year as News Editor, I’ve learned a lot about campus, the community, and working in news media. Under the guidance and with support of the current, super incredible Editor-in-Chief, Natasha O’Neill, I’ve grown and learned a lot more than I first did when I first walked into The Sputnik office in my first year.


There has scarcely been a dull moment at the publication in these past months. Our amazing Sputnik staff team and volunteers never failed to write interesting, important and fun stories. 


The photography team captured moments my mind could never imagine, and the social media team always caught me by surprise with wonderful updates and exciting posts.


These little tidbits of joy–combined with my never-ending curiosity to learn and understand–made me fall in love with The Sputnik. I hope, dear readers, that over the coming few months, our team’s work and efforts will make you fall in love with the publication too.


The world is shrouded in uncertainty as we grapple with these–as we’ve all heard by now–“unprecedented times”. 


The road ahead is unclear, but we’ll pave our way through it, and during this time The Sputnik will continue to bring you stories to inform and support you as we move forward. 


Like I mentioned before, there’s still so much to learn about the world, for me and you. As E.I.C., I look forward to embarking on this journey with you all. 


After all, The Sputnik will always orbit around you, Laurier Brantford.




Hana Kidwai

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