Marisa Cerasoli

I'm Marisa Cerasoli, and I'm currently in my third year of the Business Technology Program here at the Brantford campus. I'm the Lead Opinion Writer this year at The Sputnik, and I couldn't be more thrilled about it! My favourite spare time hobby is probably collecting and listening to vinyl records, or various forms of creative writing. I love writing because it provides me with a creative outlet as well as with the opportunity to articulate how I'm feeling and what I'm thinking far more eloquently than how I'm able to when speaking. I think News Media is important because it is imperative that the public be presented an objective account of current events so they can understand how these things affect them.

Slow internet in a virtual classroom

PHOTO BY SARA SHEIKH / THE SPUTNIK PHOTOGRAPHY   “You keep cutting out.”  “Your screen is all blurry.” “There’s an echo in your audio.” “It must be your Wi-Fi.”   At this point in the online school year, we have […]