Shelby Do

Games bring us together

With the rise of multiplayer video games and the use of Internet as a channel for work, play and communication, simpler forms of entertainment are needed. When it’s pouring rain, freezing cold or scorching hot outside, families once looked to […]

Video Game Industry sexualizing half their demographic

With the ever-growing popularity of video games, and increased amount of accessibility on various platforms, rather than acknowledging their largest demographics, unfortunately, the video game industry predominantly seems to ignore one of their biggest demographics, women. According to research done […]

A Taste of What Indie Music Offers

[starbox] The line, “advertise your virtue like nothing’s ever hurt you” from Cory Mercer’s song, “Manifest” is the perfect metaphor to describe being a musician full-time in Brantford. Music is a talent, and it requires an openness to new opportunity, […]

Mental Health: We’re All Involved

  According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, 20% of Canadians are afflicted with some form of mental illness in their lifetime, and unfortunately, the CMHA has found that mental illnesses and disorders are more prominent in young people than […]