Meghan Slotegraaf

HASSA & FLASS host night under stars

On Fri. March 23, the Human and Social Sciences Association (HASSA) and the Faculty of Liberal Arts Student Society (FLASS) held their 3rd annual gala in Market Square. The gala was held from 6:30pm-10:30 pm and tickets were free for […]

Dreamers speak at Laurier Brantford

Recently, Laurier Brantford hosted two individuals from Mexico who had been deported from the US after being raised there as they were the children of illegal immigrants. Maggie Loredo and Sayra Hernandez are both involved in an organization called “Los Otros Dreams en Acción,” dedicated to providing support […]

Crime Stoppers fight illegal cigarettes

Canadian Police are concerned that the sale of illegal cigarettes is funding organized crime and gang activity. Criminal gangs are supposedly using the profit from the sales of these contraband cigarettes to fund guns, drugs, and human trafficking.   One-third of all cigarettes purchased […]

Public library construction

The Brantford public library, currently under construction, is undergoing many changes, both inside and out, to make it a more comfortable and accessible space for customers.    In 1992, the Brantford library moved from what is now the Carnegie Building into their […]

UWO finds new drug to reverse pot effects

Researchers at Western University in London may have discovered a drug that can reverse the psychiatric effects that chronic marijuana use can have on adolescents’ developing brains.   Frequent marijuana use has been linked to psychiatric disorders, namely schizophrenia due to Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychoactive component of the […]

A Hiroshima survivor story

As part of the People Make History lecture series, Hiroshima survivor and anti-nuclear weapons peace activist, Setsuko Thurlow visited Laurier this past week on Feb. 28 and March 1. Thurlow shared her experiences on growing up in Japan during the […]

Sexual Assault support for Laurier

In September, a position was created at Laurier to provide support to students who have experienced sexual violence.  Sarah Scanlon is Laurier’s sexual support advocate and counsellor.  Scanlon is available one day a week on the Brantford Campus. Laurier created […]

Meet Laurier’s new president

Effective July 1, 2017, Dr. Deborah MacLatchy will take over the position of Laurier’s President and Vice-Chancellor. MacLatchy, an extinguished scientist with a great deal of senior administrative experience, looks forward to taking on this role and helping Laurier grow. […]