Lauren Macfarlane

The female academic journey

Females and males embark on different journeys throughout their academic experience, giving them a different perception and different ideologies on the world outside of university.   It can be hard for the opposite gender to understand some of the things […]

Loving small campus life

Brantford did the best job at securing me. Even though the location might not seem the safest, I have never found myself in trouble with the locals. Perhaps you’re looking into universities? Here are some reasons why I believe Brantford […]

Your job starts now

Congratulations you are graduating! You have probably by this point picked out the profession you want, and it won’t be easy getting there after graduation. Finding a job in the profession you have chosen is challenging because thousands of other […]

Dump Trump

When I think of Donald Trump, I think of the many things that I would categorize him as: racist, sexist, uneducated and not cut out to be the next president. His supporters are behind him simply because some of the […]

Simplify your resolutions

The New Year is here, and of course with it comes all of the resolutions people will be making. Resolutions can be good for motivation, however the thought of keeping them for a whole year seems to be unrealistic in […]

What to do this holiday

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and yes that means it is crunch time because Christmas is approaching. With the holiday season now here there are many things you can look forward to enjoying with your family and […]

The dangers of speed racing

A life is delicate and can be ripped away from you at any moment in time. Zac Hemming, the brother of Kyle Careford, was someone who learned this the tough way.   Kyle, 20 years young, died instantly in a […]

Canadian mental health resources

Mental health is something we cannot see and is definitely not something we hear about as often as we should.   Mental health affects everyone in the world whether or not you are aware of it. Not nearly enough information […]