The female academic journey

Females and males embark on different journeys throughout their academic experience, giving them a different perception and different ideologies on the world outside of university.


It can be hard for the opposite gender to understand some of the things going on as they set out on this journey. There are several different factors that impact our journeys, and gender can affect the perception we gather about what we’re to expect of the world after our studies.


Enrollment is a big factor because we can see on our campus that women exceed men, but that’s not just the case at Laurier Brantford. In general the number of women enrolling in postsecondary studies exceeds men. My belief is that women are now striving for the jobs of men, and that anything they can do we can do better. This drive is putting us into giving ourselves an education and working for what we want so we have the same qualifications a man has or more. Women are more power driven than ever right now and I believe that men need to step it up.


The role of alcohol has a huge impact on our academic journey but who is it affecting more, males or females? I’m sure in your head you think you know the answer but here are the facts. Alcohol consumption among women has risen and increased attention due to women being feminists. Feminism is a large part in this because we believe we can do anything a man can do, including drinking as much as men do. The changes in women’s roles might even be why women have progressively started drinking more. The double-standard is also decreasing with alcohol where it is more acceptable for women to drink as much as men. So the answer is men still drink more in this moment at time but that is probably going to change very soon.


These are just a couple of reasons why the female and male journey through post- secondary education is different. For us to be able to understand why everything is the way it is, it will take time. Men will never completely understand why us women want to work so hard to get the jobs men typically would work. They have never had to work extra hard for them until now. Also women will never understand what it is like to be a man in a world that women are power thirsty and don’t want to just settle down after school. The world is making some big changes and we can see a lot of them here at our campus.

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