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Congratulations you are graduating! You have probably by this point picked out the profession you want, and it won’t be easy getting there after graduation. Finding a job in the profession you have chosen is challenging because thousands of other graduating students are on the hunt for the perfect job. The question is; should you take a job in or outside of your field of experience or keep looking until you find the perfect job for your career?


Sometimes it can be hard to get a job within your profession unless you have previous experience. How do you get experience to make yourself more desirable for that profession? My suggestion is to volunteer. You may not be getting paid but that is the best way to get experience and you can work while you do that to make money.


I will not be graduating for another year but I know how competitive journalism is. I know hard it will be for me to stand out from the rest of the journalists. I have chosen to teach English abroad after school which will help me gain experience, make money and travel after school. These are things that are all important to me. While I do that I can freelance in my spare time helping me to gain even more experience.


In a book called Wicked Success is Inside of Every Woman by Vickie Milazzo there are  tips about finding jobs right out of school and here are some of my favourites:

  1. Study Up – keep a watch on the industry you want to be in, know facts about it and what is going on
  1. Be Creative – take ideas from inside the industry and make it your own
  1. Build Relationships not Just Resumes – its all about who you know
  1. Go for the Goals – set a goal and stay motivated to reach it
  1. Fuel your fire – be enthusiastic and excited and let people see it


The hunt is on and I know that it is possible to achieve your goals; you just need to believe in yourself.

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