Don’t wait to show love

That special time of the year is almost here. The time where the sparks fly and couples have an excuse to do something special for each other. The day that we plan something special for our significant other. It’s only a matter of time until we get bombarded by a bunch of adverts across the internet and television sets. You and I know how annoying those ads that come up before your YouTube video can be. Honestly, you don’t need to wait for a special day of the year to celebrate your partner.

I personally believe that Valentine’s Day is a day that businesses use to make big profits. You know what I mean. Think about how people ignore the real meaning of Christmas, and focus on the materialism of the holiday. Yeah. Valentine’s Day is the exact same idea. A lot of money is spent on Valentine’s Day. Gifts, dates and probably a few short holidays out of the country. I’m not saying that people who aren’t religious shouldn’t celebrate Christmas but they should respect the sentimentality behind the holiday. We shouldn’t use a holiday as an excuse to be a good person, we should just be good year round. The same with our spouses and partners. There is no need to wait for a special day of the year to appreciate our loved ones. You can do what you do on Valentine’s Day during any day of the week. Whether you are a married couple or two lovers, Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be an excuse for you to give your partner a little more attention.

It’s 2016. We really need to stop following tradition and strive to think for ourselves. If you want to celebrate Valentine’s day with your partner, then you should. Enjoy the day and run through some snow together. You should just understand that to have a special person in your life is a gift. A gift that not everyone gets to unwrap and enjoy. Everyday should be Valentine’s Day for you and your special someone.

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