Laurier Homecoming: More than just a party

It was an amazing weekend for Laurier students on the Waterloo campus. Now that their homecoming has ended, we can talk about how students ought to carry themselves for Laurier Brantford’s upcoming homecoming events. Homecoming is one of the most exciting times for university and college students, and a tradition to be continued. Students should try their best to respect the rules enforced by their universities. Rules are put in place to give parents, students and law enforcements a pleasant experience. It is important for students to understand that homecoming does not only involve us, and that we need to help by being responsible. The police ought not to be concerned about our behavior.

As students, we have to be role models. The reasons strict rules are made are because of the issues involving drugs, alcohol and students making poor decisions while under the influence of them. I believe that Waterloo’s homecoming was a good example of this. Parties got out of hand and students behaved irresponsible at times. The first problem began with the drinking at 9 a.m., which did not stop until late that night.

My experience this year was at a party for the football players and their close friends. I got to attend before the word got out on the street and prior to all the problems. Once the crowd poured in, things got out of hand. The house was packed from the backyard to the front. The students were rowdy and out of control. There were people peeing over the balcony in the backyard and people getting sick almost everywhere you looked.

It goes to show that the students were not in the right frame of mind, and that they tend to make bad decisions while under the influence. Furthermore, this goes to show how little respect students have for the community, when it comes to the homecoming weekend. If this is not something we want to continue we need to work together to try and be the best we can be. Laurier Brantford’s homecoming is approaching, so let’s keep this all in mind and remember that we are representing our institutions- along with our community.


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