Loving small campus life

Brantford did the best job at securing me. Even though the location might not seem the safest, I have never found myself in trouble with the locals. Perhaps you’re looking into universities? Here are some reasons why I believe Brantford is your best bet.

The small size makes life easier. You are not running around the campus to try and get to classes on time because everything is within a five-minute walk. You get to know your professors (if that is what you want) because the biggest classes you’ll have are usually 250 students, and the big ones are usually only the mandatory classes. You take multiple classes with the same professor and you get to know them personally, and professionally. This helps you improve your work because you know what they want, and it allows you to discuss personal things with someone who has experience.

A big university can make you feel small but Laurier Brantford feels cozy. This could be because you’re likely to run into the same people more often. On the other hand, once you make a few friends even the largest campus begins to feel like home. You will make friends and realize they might be in a couple of your classes on a smaller campus, and this can help you find a study buddy.

I personally picked Laurier Brantford over the Waterloo campus because of all of these things. I have made relationships with professors and other students that I will remember for the rest of my life because of being able to have the chance to interact so closely with them. The professors care about your grades, but they also care about you and how you are doing, I have spoken to professors when I am struggling either with school work or just the adjustments, and they are here to listen and talk. They actually care. I have also received advice from my professors that will help me with my future endeavours; something that I probably would not have received at a larger campus.

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