Julian Panchaud

The hero’s journey through fiction

Commonly known to both the worlds of literature and gaming is the hero’s journey: a monomyth or archetype used in storytelling. Fiction is an essential part of development in children, students, young adults and more. Countless life lessons and problem […]

The campus of language programs

Wilfrid Laurier’s Brantford campus has a strong history with an international student program known as the Laurier English and Academic Foundation (LEAF), making it an especially inclusive campus and an ideal place to meet new people and learn about new […]

“You always owe it to yourself”

Alcoholism is a dangerous condition that can arise from repeatedly abusing alcohol. Like any other addiction, quitting is an incredible challenge. Ainsley Arnold, who is seven months sober, spoke to me about her experience with alcoholism. Arnold compared alcoholism to […]

What’s your thing?

Meet Alexander Kirley, the board game entrepreneur.   Kirley’s fascination in board games and other tabletop games came from an old tradition of a “Friday game night” in Kirley’s family. His parents made sure the television went off every Friday, and they would play board games for a […]

Laurier sees the potential in gaming

  A new and exciting program has emerged onto Wilfrid Laurier’s Brantford campus: Game Design and Development, a unique program for the ever-expanding study of game design.   At the heart of this wondrous new program is the games network […]