Getting prepared for school after the holidays

Art by Neha Sekhon
Art by Neha Sekhon

After the family dinners, expensive gifts and steady consumption of alcohol – you are back for the Winter semester and classes are about to start. Before you know it, the summer will be here and you will hopefully have plans to do something useful. For those that didn’t do so well in the Fall semester, and those that aspire to do better, now is a time to reassess your habits and appropriately manage your time. Here are some tips for you to apply to the new academic year.

It is important to that students are aware of how they are spending their time at university. Before you know it, you will be a graduate, and your life will begin. Although parties and social events are fun, doing well ought to be the main priority. Get the most out of your four years, and make the right choices.

Extra-curricular activities

Although your grades are important, involving yourself with extra-curricular activities can also contribute to your university experience. Commitment with organizations such as the Student Union or newspaper (WLUSP) will give you skills that you may not learn in the classroom. In addition, getting involved with extra-curricular activities will allow you to socialize with students that have similar interests. Your involvement in activities outside of the lecture can have a positive effect on your learning abilities.

Sleeping habits

The way you sleep is an obvious one. As students, we tend to ignore the fact that our bodies need significant amounts of resting time. Getting six to seven hours of sleep everyday will help you pay attention in class, and study efficiently. According to Student Pulse, students that do not get enough sleep may suffer from mental and physiological issues. It may not seem like it but you will benefit a lot from getting those extra hours of sleep. Student Pulse also pointed out the comparison between a student that performs well in school, and a student that doesn’t. The student that performs well academically is more likely to have a better sleeping pattern, compared to those that do not perform as well.

Your well-being

It is normal to feel insecure about yourself as a university student. You will and would have met so many different people. Dressing well is a method that can help you think well of yourself, and perform well. Sweats and flip flops will always be an option but dressing well can help you feel prepared for the day. How you present yourself can boost your esteem, as well as help your listen attentively and take proper notes.

Planning your day/Studying habits

As a student, you may need to evaluate your previous studying habits and find room for improvement. Building a timetable for the week will make sure you get small amounts of work done every day. Whether you are studying for a midterm or tackling an assignment, productive daily habits will relieve you of stress. Avoiding procrastination will also help you get started early on the piles of schoolwork you have.

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