Graeme Gordon

Prof Profile: Rick Gamble

There is a certain charismatic charm that Rick Gamble exudes as a lecturer at Laurier Brantford. In his widely popular Contemporary Studies and Journalism course, Media in a Global World, I remember Professor Gamble, in his signature blazer, pacing the […]

The job reality for Laurier

The ‘Careers in Criminology Fair’ took place last Thursday, November 15, in the RCW lobby with a high turnout of upper-year Criminology students, alongside a medley of senior students from other programs. Information booths were set-up by employers ranging from […]

Tasty Grant for LB Professor

Brenda Murphy, Associate Professor of Geography and Contemporary Studies at Laurier Brantford, has secured a $380,100 research grant to study the effects of maple syrup production due to climate change. Murphy, a faculty member of LB since its inception in […]

Leading up to O-Week

  On Monday, Sept. 3, over 600 first-year students moved into residence in Brantford and began their new life journey away from home.  Welcoming them were volunteer upper-year students who gave them a helping-hand moving into their rooms and showing […]

Prometheus: a fallen titan

“Big things have small beginnings,” says Michael Fassbender’s robotic character, David, midway through Prometheus.  Indeed, this line of dialogue may be the biggest lie in Ridley Scott’s lackluster blockbuster, with the stark transition from a science fiction film for the […]