The Fit File: Fitness at your disposal

Now that students have eased their way back into another semester at Laurier Brantford, routines and schedules begins to take form over the course of each given week in a student’s life.

Whether your schedule includes sleeping in late, study sessions at the library or going out Thursday night, fitness and health can not always take a back seat. With that being said, go ahead and cheat once a week. Maybe have some pizza on Saturday night or McDonald’s breakfast on Friday morning, but counter these often unavoidable decisions with fitness on a regular basis.

Although Wilkes House isn’t the most appealing workout centre, there are plenty of options and alternatives to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The cardio section in Wilkes is certainly lacking, with only 3 treadmills and 5 elliptical machines, but if jogging is an interest of yours then there are plenty of great routes around campus.

One in particular is the Grand River Trails that start near the skate park between the casino and the Grand River. Also, because the campus is integrated so fluently throughout the town, running through the suburbs makes for an often quiet and pleasant run. However, as with any activity, caution must be taken at night around town, through busy streets and especially by the river.

Jogging during the day as well as jogging with a friend not only provides a safe workout but also can be a needed jolt of motivation. If you are interested in jogging but consider yourself a beginner, why not try the Learn to Run club at Laurier Brantford. They start at a beginner’s level and work their way through steps and goals to build a solid foundation throughout the course of the semester.

If sports are your way of staying fit, then hopefully you signed up for intramurals. If you didn’t, there are a ton of sports clubs at your disposal including the badminton club, basketball club and powder puff football.

However, if you strictly stick to weights then you can always use Wilkes’ weight room. To avoid an overcrowded weight room, avoid going at night. But if Wilkes’ still doesn’t satisfy your needs, there are a plethora of gyms scattered throughout the city all ranging in different price variables. For a student’s budget I would suggest Fit4Less, however if you have the bankroll, the Athletic Club is the best quality. Regardless, your best value is using the Wilkes Recreation Centre, which is included in your student tuition, that is, if you can stand the spatial limitations.

The point is that there are plenty of options to help a student stay fit at Laurier Brantford. With different classes and clubs as well as options outside of the school’s control, a student has many weapons to help counter the inflated calories of beer, pizza and everything else appetizing.

For more information on all the clubs and activities mentioned, check the Athletics and Recreation on the Student Affairs website. As of the week of September 26th, fitness classes are free at the Wilkes House Athletic and Recreation Centre.

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