Fall Fashion Trends

As the temperature begins to drop and the leaves start to fall, now is the time to reevaluate your wardrobe for the upcoming season, focusing on a few easy-to-pull-off trends for autumn.
1. Fur
Every time fall rolls around, designers everywhere break out their chicest furs to wrap around their pin-thin models. From Alexander Wang to Miu Miu, designers have created luxurious and outrageously expensive fur wraps and parkas. To work this trend, try a simple fur lined vest, or accents of fur on your hat or gloves. While this idea throws PETA into a fit of rage, there are ways to make fur acceptable, just make sure that the label reads synthetic or faux fur.
2. Fall Colours
Normally when summer ends, a trigger goes off in our brains telling us to put away our brightly coloured clothing and don more somber hues, like grays and browns. This season however, some of industry’s biggest names are recommending cheery colours for when the weather gets cold. Elle Canada suggests bringing cobalt blue into your wardrobe in the form of sweaters, jackets and even pants, as seen on the runways at Christian Dior and Jil Sander. FASHION magazine reports that mustard is an extremely big colour this season, which is no surprise since it’s been on Marc Jacobs and Givenchy runways not to mention practically every store in the mall. Other colours to watch out for are plum, burnt orange, gold, and emerald.
3. Warm Clothing
Let’s be honest, we could sit here and talk about the latest fall fashion trends until we’re cobalt blue in the face. But none of that matters to us non-model folks unless we can guarantee that we are comfortable and warm in what we’re wearing when the cold wind starts blowing. That is why I’m recommending warm clothing as a third trend this season. Although it’s a fairly obvious idea, I want it to be known that you don’t have to suffer for the sake of beauty. Layer up those thick knit sweaters, wrap a crochet scarf the length of a python around your neck, and pull on those warm wool socks before donning your knee-high leather boots. Be fashionable, be cute, but most importantly, be warm this season.

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