Learn how to cook at the Frugal foodie event

Are you a student and/or resident in Brantford? If so, then the Frugal foodie event is definitely worth checking out. As a student, it is important that you are able to make healthy meals. Well-cooked meals will leave you feeling energetic so that you can complete schoolwork with ease. The event takes place at the Aboriginal Student house located at 111 Darling Street in Brantford every Wednesday at 5pm, and welcomes all in the Brantford area.

Joe Farrell participated in the Frugal Foodie event. Photo by Josh Adesina
Joe Farrell participated in the Frugal Foodie event. Photo by Josh Adesina

The Frugal foodie event at Laurier Brantford is one that teaches students and local residents how to prepare high quality meals. The magic takes place inside of a small kitchen at the Aboriginal Student house. Joe Farrell, a volunteer chef, was able to dedicate some of his free time to give cooking lessons. Farrell has a lot of cooking experience from working in a restaurant near the Distillery district in Toronto. Farrell was kind enough to bring some ingredients of his own and discuss his thoughts concerning healthy food. “Eating good food is good for your mind. It’s also about understanding basic cooking techniques and natural things you can do to enhance the flavors that are already there. That’s overall my cooking philosophy. Respecting the ingredients and understanding where they came from.”

Joe Farrell showed the attendees how to make leek soup. Attendees were able to participate in cutting vegetables and other foods. All of the tasks involved in the preparation were simple and could be practiced right away.

Bonnie Whitlow, the coordinator of the event, was able to talk about the purpose of the event. “One of the purposes was to teach students how to cook on a student budget. We recognize that students don’t have a lot money. Instead of reaching for raman noodles, we want to show them that cooking is a skill that you can learn really quickly,” said Whitlow.

Joe Farrell cutting up some vegetables. Photo by Josh Adesina
Joe Farrell cutting up some vegetables. Photo by Josh Adesina

“We wanted to be able to not just feed our students but teach them how to feed themselves. I really wanted them to understand what hospitality is and about sharing meals with others.”

Whitlow discussed some of the activities her food advisors were involved in during the previous events. A particular volunteer at the Frugal foodie event would teach attendees how to avoid wasting ingredients when cooking. “She liked to be able to cook something in the beginning of the week, and show how there are three of four different preparations you can use with the leftovers.”

Students that are vegetarians and avoid specific foods for religious reasons are catered for as well.  “There was a young Muslim woman that came and had special food requirements. We accommodated her and had two options. This is how you can cook it with and without that,” said Whitlow.

The Frugal foodie event is a great way for you to learn how to cook nutritious meals and get acquainted with different people on campus. You won’t regret it and neither will your Onecard!


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