Golden Hawk Limelight: Alicia Appleby

Alicia Appleby one of Laurier Brantford’s busy body students. Courtesy of Students’ Union.
Alicia Appleby one of Laurier Brantford’s busy
body students. Courtesy of Students’ Union.

Alicia Appleby, a fourth year student in concurrent education, is a very involved member on campus. She has continuously been involved, and now sits as associate Vice President of campus clubs and activities. What does that mean?

“I like being busy,” says Appleby.

With her position comes the responsibility of overseeing campus events. She oversees O-week, Hawk Team events, Night Hawks events, and other campus club events. To add to volunteering, she is a student advisor for first years in the Dean’s Office. She further shows her commitment to the school by volunteering for the University’s Integrated Planning and Resource Management. She is a student representative, and works with the group to come up with ways to maintain and improve the school.

“It is really interesting to evaluate the effectiveness of the university and understand where we can make efficiencies and make the university better for students,” says Appleby. She adds, “We are just getting into the heart of it, so I am really excited for that.”

Out of all the events of the year, it wasn’t easy for Appleby to have a preferred. Her work with the Hawk Team included the Build-A-Bear and Survivor events.  Other events included were Halloween events and a monthly trivia night that runs at William’s. The trivia night runs the first Wednesday of every month and is perhaps her best fulfilled project.

“It has been getting larger and larger. It’s great to see friends coming together for some healthy competition,” she says.

Appleby has always been involved in this way, dating back to high school, where she was part of the student council. Since her first year at Laurier, she has been involved in a number of events. Appleby has participated in LEAP, Brantford Residence Council, Hawk Team and Laurier Students for Literacy, along with her Associate VP position and GV position with IPRM. In second year, she started working more, volunteering a little less, but still working for the campus. She started working at the bookstore and U-desk while still volunteering for LSFL. In third year she was elected onto the board of directors to represent Brantford’s views, then she became a Student Ambassador.

While continuing to volunteer at Laurier Brantford, Appleby also plays intramural hockey. Needless to say, Alicia has devoted much of her time to this school, and still holds down the typical academic responsibilities of student life.

With all of her involvement, it is impressive to see her keep up with her school work. A student like Alicia has to do work in advance. She takes advantage of what time she has by getting an early start her schoolwork and working on weekends. This helps her leave time aside for her social life. Many of Alicia’s friends are people she also happens to work with.

“I have a lot of favourite people; this year wouldn’t be the same without my coordinators and support staff,” comments Appleby.

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