Leisha Senko

Hello, my name is Leisha. I'm the opinion Editor for the Sputnik, the Managing Editor of the Brant Advocate, and in the past, wrote a student column for the Brant Expositor. I have an amazing team who work to bring you interesting, and hopefully, thoughtful pieces. My writer Cody currently has a blog series, where he interviews influential and interesting individuals. We're passionate about telling evocative and honest stories.

Last Call

I leafed through Arthur and Junie B Jones picture books in the downtown library. I ate Super-kid ice cream cones on the benches in Victoria Park. I watched the Lion King, for the very first time, in the old Odeon […]

Merchants of death

Death has never looked so good: glistening new cadillac hearses, intricately carved tombstones and painfully polished mosaic urns line the convention center aisles. In a corner booth, concrete angels with soft, haunting gazes look up and out–guaranteed to catch an […]

How WiFi is ruining education

Oh the horror, the horror of that clicking. The nonstop, sadistic cackling of keyboards, as they join in with tens of others, morphing into a never-ending cacophony of sound. The odd student, with a notepad and pen, stands as an […]

Placing blame


They say there are three rules young women must live by: one, never enter a party alone; two, never leave your drink unattended; and three, never follow a man you don’t trust. But lying in that car, the one he’d […]

How innovation will end meat production

“Twitter co-founders invest big in vegan meat company.” It’s an anomalous, almost delightfully silly headline, just strange enough to make it in with the other fluff news pieces at six. A plot device made painfully cookie-cutterish, the excitement chalked up […]

Not as dumb as we look

I am a rabid, codependent, near clinically obsessed fan of NBC’s Community. I find myself spontaneously singing Troy and Abed in the morning, lamenting when someone “Britta”s things, and I’ve been known to compliment friends, by informing them, they’re streets […]

New Porn

A career in pornography, historically, was a sure fire way to negatively brand yourself forever; and yet, within today’s environment, this old adage couldn’t be dissolving at a faster rate. Suddenly, a widespread interest has emerged, in what’s been coined […]

Why we hate the French

There are few things more painful in this life than handing over a fresh check each new semester. At times, one could almost say it physically hurts, and yet for all the snide comments and dramatic eye rolls, in Ontario […]