A wish granted

The Make a Wish Foundation is known for making dreams come true, and that is exactly what happened to Brantford resident Madison Bennett on March 8, who is currently planning her vacation to Disney.

The surprise was presented to her by a local Brantford hero, ‘Captain Kindness’. Captain Kindness, whose real name is Dave Carroll, has been spreading generosity all throughout Brantford for quite some time.

“I created the character of Captain Kindness probably eight or nine years ago so I traveled to as many different places as I can, between schools and different community events to encourage people to be kind to one another. This is my second time that Make a Wish Foundation contacted me and asked if I could be a part of a wish for somebody in Brantford. It’s an amazing honor when the Make a Wish Foundation calls, you say yes because it’s an incredible thing, it’s nothing but encouraging and the epitome of kindness to help however you can,” said Carroll.

From the moment Carroll received the call he planned to make the event for the Bennett family even more special.

“I believe her family knew that they had applied to Make a Wish Foundation for a trip to Disney and the mother and her father and her grandparents knew that this was happening so they were there, but she was totally surprised. She thought this was just a regular school assembly and then all of a sudden it turned into being about granting wishes, and all of a sudden Captain Kindness came up to the front of the stage and she realized that her wish was coming true and that she was going to Disney with her family. We went back to the classroom and had a cupcake party,” said Carroll.

Carroll wishes the best for Madison and her family and understands how tough the situation can be for such a young child.

“The young lady (Madison Bennett) struggles with a number of different diseases and I believe since she was in kindergarten she had to have a nurse with her. I only got the information maybe about a day or two before the event, and she was not in a great place but it was an amazing group of people to encourage her,” said Carroll.

The family is set to leave for Disney in April.

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