The Mouthpiece: our Weekly News should go back to the old way

It seems that there is a virus of huge changes going through the websites for student resources on campus. Possibly the most frustrating to date is the new electronic format for the Weekly News. While, yes, it is pretty and using a cool program (it’s now hosted on, it’s incredibly inaccessible to the average student. Some older students might remember Kevin Klein’s updates being less flashy, but at least we could read it uber-fast, and on-the-go. Blackberry’s have enough problems with the browser without trying to load a huge page like that, let alone trying to navigate it, that is, if the cell phone gods are on your side and you manage to open it. Okay, so you can’t check it on your phone, not the end of the world – you’ll check it on your laptop in class. Unfortunately, you’re class happens to be one with bad internet connection, and it takes most of the class to log in, or load the damn thing. You run around as students do, and forget about the News entirely, until something awesome comes along and you missed out because “Well, it was in the Weekly News.”  I can appreciate the effort put in by the Student Life Office to make it more visually interesting, but what was wrong with the old way? Open the email, scroll through until you find the sections you care about, read it in about 5 minutes (including time to jot down important dates), and move on with your day.


A traditionalist.

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