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k-os Black On Blonde 4/5

Stephanie Di Bartolo

k-os released his fifth studio album on January 29 titled Black On Blonde, and I can definitely tell he wanted to go beyond what he’s done before. k-os incorporated a lot of collaborations with artists that you wouldn’t really expect to see on one of his albums, like Sam Roberts and Corey Hart. Needless to say, they really work in my opinion. It was a risky move to put Sam Roberts on the record, as he makes music that is the farthest thing from R&B, but these types of awkward collabs seem to really be working for a lot of artists lately, and Roberts’ smooth voice brings a cool vibe to the R&B track. With k-os being Canadian himself, I was happy to see him partnering up with other Canadian artists on this record. My favourite song on this album would have to be Billy Bragg Winners because of the collaboration with Jay Malinowski (I’m a huge Bedouin Soundclash fan).  Don’t Touch with Sam Roberts is a close second. This record makes me a proud Canadian. Good job.


Tiny Furniture 4/5

Amber Richardson

Tiny Furniture is a quirky film directed, created, and starring the even quirkier Lena Dunham. This movie touches on the frustrations and tribulations of moving back home after graduating from university, and the extremely awkward moments that go along with re-socializing with your family. It’s hilarious and heartbreaking, and, as with most Lena Dunham creations, it leaves you feeling slightly embarrassed for her at times. I recommend this movie for all up-coming graduates, because it will probably give you a sad, but reliable, reality check for when you re-inhabit your childhood bedroom.


The Carrie Diaries 4.5/5

Madison Hawkins

Now that January has come to an end, new sitcoms or television series of 2013 have either bit the dust or have succeeded and have made a name for themselves. One show that has proven to be popular with ratings and myself is the prequel to Sex and the City—The Carrie Diaries. This show is full of colourful exciting 80s fashion (the proves to still be in style today), New York glamour, and the usual high school drama of catty girls and hot boys.  Think Gossip Girl with an 80s twist and a little more down-to-earth, middle class money. You don’t have to be a Sex and the City fan to get into this new TV series, as it takes you back to the beginning, where sex is not even an option. I know I am hooked. Catch it on CityTV Monday nights to see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.


The Following 4.5/5

Courtney Langstaff

There is nothing better than seeing big time Hollywood actors from the big screen on primetime television.  Primetime TV does bring out the cheesy B or C list actors working with a generic and unoriginal script. The Following is a completely different approach to suspenseful television with actors like Kevin Bacon, James Purefoy and Shawn Ashmore. The storyline follows ex- FBI agent, and now closet alcoholic, Ryan Hardy (Bacon) who is out to catch an escaped convict, Joe Caroll (Purefoy), whom he has an interesting and bloody past with. Once he is caught, Bacon realizes that Caroll has a ‘following’ of people that are doing his dirty work while he is behind bars. This film reminds me a bit of Gerard Butler’s ‘Law Abiding Citizen’, but the suspense, action, and not to mention semi-bloody scenes makes this show wicked primetime television.

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