On my plate: Burrito Brothers

Reviewing the mouth-watering, the memorable and the mistakes of on-campus dining.


I, Nom Chompsky, have a new favourite restaurant in Downtown Brantford.

Establishment: Burrito Brothers, located at the corner of Dalhousie and King is a fresh new establishment offering even fresher food. Upon entering, you’re welcomed with warm smiles from all three staff members and a succinct guide on ordering. This restaurant is bright. Bright smiles, bright walls and even brighter; the food. The venue is clean and though a little sparse, tastefully decorated. The service is fast, even when the restaurant is fairly full.

Menu: A pleasingly minimalistic menu is hosted on the wall behind the counter offering one of 4 options; burritos, nachos, tacos and combos (comprised of chips and salsa, and/or a drink). This week, my plate was filled with two generous soft tacos: fish with pineapple salsa, jalapenos, green onions, cilantro, guacamole and a drizzle of sour cream, and a pulled pork taco with corn and bean salsa, burrito sauce, jalapenos, green onions and cilantro. I kid you not, what arrived on my plate was a snapshot from the food network; soft unfolded tacos presented as if a piece of art. The food was all fresh and homemade. By far, the tacos’ highlights were the salsas as they were fresh and light. However, don’t let the aesthetically pleasing food fool you, this Mexican meal is downright messy. Make sure to grab a ton of napkins.

Recommendation: Jarrito soda, a product of Mexico, can be found at Burrito Brothers. I recommend lime.

Burrito Brothers, one of the newest members of Downtown Brantford’s culinary clan is a must-try and must-return venue. Also, James Cairns was in there at the time. And if Cairns approves, so do I.

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