Sounds Good! Back to school edition

As the school year is set to begin again, Arts & Entertainment editor Kiley Bell offers three songs that explain the university experience, for better or for worse.

“Mr. Watson” by Ke$ha
Although it’s a lot more pop than Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher”, this catchy song holds the same message. Haven’t we all had those professors that we sit in class fantasizing about? While that scenario (unfortunately) only happens inside our heads, Ke$ha’s song about wanting to have sex with her teacher on his desk will at least give you something to relate to.

“College Kids” by Relient K
From going broke because of expensive textbooks, to finding out your girlfriend at another school is cheating on you, this song has all the not-so-desirable parts of university life covered. And what’s even better is that this song is upbeat enough to loudly blare throughout your house when you eventually get sick of school.

“Campus” by Vampire Weekend
While the real meaning of this song is often disputed, the basic message is a scenario that most of us have experienced at one point or another in university. Walking through campus and awkwardly seeing a one-night stand, or having to sit painfully close to an ex in class is often unavoidable. What makes it worse is if you’re not quite over them yet, and instead must “pretend that you never want to see them again,” as the artist suggests.

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