Eight things to do before school officially begins

With summer coming to a close and school just around the corner, many of us are regretting the time we may have wasted during our days off. Although any time away from school is generally time well wasted, here are some things to do in the short period remaining before those inconvenient classes and grueling workload starts up again.

  1. Hit up the beach one last time. While the sun’s still shining and the sand is still warm, pack the cooler, grab some friends and head to your nearest beach to enjoy doing absolutely nothing.

  2. Catch up on your favourite summer programs. For some of us, summer means working full time which can almost feel busier than actually being in school. Whether it’s True Blood, Big Brother, Weeds or the final season of Entourage, finish watching your favourite summer shows while you still have the time.

  3. Try out a new you. Whether you choose to get a new haircut or to buy a back-to-school outfit is entirely up to you. Changing up your look before heading back to school will make you feel fresh and ready to start again. Even something as simple as a new leather book bag will hopefully give you the jumpstart needed to get back to classes.

  4. PARTY. Sure, you’ll have tons of opportunities to go out once school starts, but how often do you get to hang out with your friends from back home? End summer with a bang by gathering up all your friends for one last hurrah before you all head back to your separate schools. If the bar scene isn’t for you, then try going for a dinner and a movie or a night of bowling. Whatever time you spend with your friends will be fun, and will tie you over until Thanksgiving when you can see them again.

  5. Read the book you planned on reading all summer. Soon you’ll be burying your nose into textbooks and scholarly articles, so before that time comes go back to your bookshelf and pull out the book that you swore you would read this summer. It doesn’t have to be an 800 page novel either, you aren’t being graded on this book so read what actually interests you.

  6. Spend some time with mom and dad. Sure this one sounds a little lame, but even as a student going into fourth year I find myself missing my parents from time to time. Suggest a family dinner night where you and your siblings do all the cooking for your well deserving parents (especially well deserving if they pay your tuition).

  7. Rack up the kilometres on your car. In other words…road trip. It doesn’t have to be very far, try a day trip to the nearest big city like Toronto for shopping. As long as you’re out on the highway, listening to good music and in good company on a sunny day, you won’t regret it.

  8. Take some time to think about the future. Yes, this will definitely be the most stressful thing on the list, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Just sit down and take some time to seriously think ahead. If you’re going into your first year ask yourself what you hope to accomplish over the next few years of university. If you’re going into your final year, think past graduation and where you would like to see yourself. Whether you want to do more schooling, get an internship or go straight into the workforce, it’s never a bad idea to plan ahead.

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