What (not) to wear

Since birth we’ve been told by our parents to always “dress the part” when going to an important interview and the same goes for attending university.

An understated yet important part of having a successful university career is what you choose to wear. Now that you’re no longer in high school and cannot wear doo-rags to class, you need to start dressing the part of a university student. The first year is always the most exciting because it gives you a chance to reinvent yourself, starting with your wardrobe.

Since your high school days are behind you, gone are the days of wearing pajama pants to class, although exceptions can be made for painfully early exams. Early morning exams suck, but they happen, so you may as well be comfortable during them. The good part is that everyone else is so distracted by their own exam that they won’t notice if you choose to wear pink pajama pants and bunny slippers.

When you’re going to class on a regular day just wear something simple and comfortable- trust me, you’ll regret wearing those tight leather pants after sitting through your first three hour lecture.

Hoodies, cardigans, t-shirts, jeans, tanks, sweatpants, skirts and even simple dresses are perfectly fine to wear to class. Just don’t overdo it and be the girl that comes to class in stilettos and a skin-tight dress, causing everyone to wonder if she had accidentally stumbled into a classroom during her walk of shame back home.

When it comes to going out at night, pretty much anything goes in Brantford. Ladies, feel free to wear flats with jeans and a cute top, or a dress with killer heels. Usually most girls tend to wear dresses or short skirts on a night out, but if dresses aren’t your thing then forget that! Wear whatever fits your personal style.

I once wore a sequined sweater from the 80’s with ripped jeans, stilettos and a fur-lined hunting hat. Looking back on it, it wasn’t exactly my proudest moment, but you get my point. Wear what you want, and if you realize later that it was a mistake, don’t sweat it because everyone was probably too drunk to notice anyways.

For the guys, keep it really simple. Leave the dress pants and ties at home, and instead throw on some dark-washed jeans with a v-neck shirt, button-up, or polo. That being said, do not pop your collar. This isn’t high school, and this sure as hell isn’t the Jersey shore.

Don’t think that you can get away with wearing flashy jewelry either. Unless you’re planning to be in a rap video, put away the long chain necklaces, massive diamond earrings, and dark sunglasses. If you know you have a good personal style that works for you, then go for it- but let me just warn you, very few men can pull off fedoras or leather jackets.

Dressing well in university shouldn’t be a chore.

This is your time to really be the person you want to be, and every article of clothing counts. The bottom line is just wear what you’re comfortable in, take risks when you’re feeling adventurous and always remember to check the mirror twice before leaving the house.

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